Monday, July 27, 2015

Bushwick in Pink

 m- Sooooo we're right in the middle of summer and it's hot in Brooklyn y'all. The other day I got the Baes out of Manhattan to the streets to play in the Bushwick heat in pink. 
What a happy bunch, these two.
I heart BK
and summer.
(Especially the Bitchy Disney stars that I live for. #bitchwick)
I love my hot, dirty summers in Brooklyn. 
V lucky to get to spend them with such beautiful and talented people. 
Because we're obsessed.
Fresh and Precious 

Ella in Black

I just found these oldies from a playdate with my bb Ella last summer....I totally forgot this happened.

 Ella was giving me shit like this...
And polaroids like this. 
And I was like OKAY Ella we get it.
Such a wonderful energy this one. Love to the cosmos and back.
Because we're obsessed. 
Fresh and Precious

Friday, July 24, 2015

NYFW-Fall 2015

Had the opportunity to assist Greg Scaffidi for NY Fashion Week this time around. I was able to get to Christian Suriano, Zac Posen, Jason Wu, and Anna Sui. It was a great week. These shots are by the super talented Greg Scaffidi with lighting by me. Oh...and I got to meet Rihana.
 More to come. 
 Photos by Greg Scaffidi

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Romance is Just Around the Corner

SO...I currently reside in dark, freezing, New York city. My outfits at the moment are strictly comprised of outerwear. I miss the warmth so much I could die. It's FINE though. It's fine. 

Anyway...Valentines day is next week and Spring is justttt around the corner.
This means so much.
The Spring sunshine is SUPER romantic after a long winter and V-day gives us just a taste of the romance to come. Skin slowly makes an appearance....necks exposed...legs come out to play.
Lace and sheer and color welcome the rays.
I'm so ready for Spring. 
But it's all coming back to us soon. 
And I have just the outfit for such a homecoming.
Because we're obsessed. 
Fresh and Precious

Friday, February 6, 2015

Moore His Style Winter Fur

Joel at Moore His Style is my BUG A BOO and I love him so much. The tagline on his fashion blog is "Blurring the lines between menswear and womenswear and I can't get over it. 
Joel is ALWAYS fab. Today in some crazy ass faux fur jacket number with a cute little hat. 
Werrrrrrrk bb. 

Because we're obsessed. 
(not with the cold)

Fresh and Precious 

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