Tuesday, March 6, 2012

DIY: vision board.

 c- I recently got inspired by our upcoming Fresh & Precious fashion show to make a vision board. To me, a vision board is a way to layout my fashion obsessions through inspiring outfits and ideas. 
After scoring these two bulletin boards on sale at a craft store, I decided to personalize the boarder of one with my new animal print duct tape....
I love it. 
Duct tape is the perfect low budget way to personalize your boards!
My vision board mixes a little bit of transitional fashion from winter to spring, as well as the bold colors, patterns, and wedges im obsessing over this spring season.
I need Michael to help me more with styling men and creating a vision for the fellas.
Check out the fella's DIY vision board here.
"March is for making plans"
 A Bulletin board, magazines, scissors, and thumb tacks are all you need to make your visions organized and visible. Your board can contain anything you want...
options are limitless.

 Do it yourself! Get creative. Not to mention it's fun and harmless.

Because we're obsessed.

-Fresh and Precious 


  1. Love it! Very creative and easy to do!! I will try it...
    Xoxo, Charm D.


  2. This was inspiring! I was looking at ideas for mine and came across this blog post, now I have more of an idea of what I want mine to turn out like! Very pretty, thank you!


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