Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bill Cosby Sweaters

m- Another unplanned shoot. On a much needed week at home, Amy, Abe and I spent some quality time enjoying truly fantastic weather while reminiscing about how much we (and our style) have grown since we all met years ago. It's been such a pleasure growing and changing with these wonderful people and we are more than ready to unite sweaters and conquer the world. Today, Amy joined us with her thrifty sweater which then inspired Abe to pick one up as well. As if the sweater gods were listening, Courtney just happened to wear her vintage Bill Cosby-esque when she came to join us! So naturally we had to snag some pics...

Its all about the frames. Wearing funky sunglasses can be a little intimidating sometimes but there is no better way to show your originality and showcase your great features than a nice pair of frames. Try something new. Go big! Go small! We are all about the round but do what looks best. 

Abe's double rings have sort of become her signature lately and we are all for it. These geometric gold triangles are a fun new shape. 
Even their shoes were all the same color! Unplanned is more fun. 

There is nothing more classic than a pair of Oxfords. I want a pair in every color. 

Fresh and Precious. 

"Civilization had too many rules for me. So I decided to rewrite them."- Bill Cosby

Because we're obsessed. 

Fresh and Precious

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

She Wolf

c- How can you not love faux fur? A vest is a great staple piece to pair with a variety of outfits and this one was purchased at H&M.  Carissa chose to sport her fur with a gray maxi dress to create a fall feel.  We went on a little adventure driving down the road and stopped every where we thought would be suitable for pictures. I'm loving the contrast of her blonde hair and the blue door.
Plum is such a perfect color to compliment a fall outfit.  These shoes from Bakers are currently my favorite everyday and easy to walk in wedges.  Carissa has always been known for her killer heels...

We wanted to show how versatile maxi dresses were in your wardrobe.  In the first outfit, Carissa had a fur vest paired with a gray maxi versus this second outfit which consists of a beautifully textured sweater from Forever 21.  When pairing a sweater with a maxi dress, you are creating the look of a maxi skirt but making your outfit more appropriate for colder weather.  Light makeup and slightly pink lips are topping off this effortless look with a fresh face.

Because we're obsessed
Fresh and Precious 

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Fall Fashion: Carousel

m- Happy Thanksgiving! This past Sunday, after months of construction, Raleigh's favorite park reopened for the public and there was no better time to revisit than Thanksgiving break. Abe, Amy, and I have memories of this park since we were small enough to fit in the swings and we really had a great time going back on this awesome, uncharacteristically warm November afternoon. Not too warm, just right, and we had comfortable outfits to set the mood. 

 We got our kicks on, our cameras ready, and a canvas of red leaves. It's great to be home. 

 Our new friends-the hare and the giraffe. 

Amy's sweater was the inspiration for our next shoot...

Because we're obsessed.

Fresh and Precious 

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