Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fall Fresh featuring Steve Ward Hair

I was re-living some of my old shoots from the past year and I stumbled upon this shoot from last fall and I couldn't let this pass. Last fall I was fortunate enough to work with Steven Ward again to take some pictures! The shoot took place at Betsy von Biberstein and Frank Hobart's beautiful home in Wilmington, North Carolina. The shoot was a nod back to the elegance of the late 1950's with a more relaxed and modern approach. Make up was done by Melissa Gunday at MAC, hair by Steven Ward, and the beautiful clothing is available from Kelly Woodbury at Beanie and Cecil.

 Dustin is sporting our favorite color this season and wearing it via turtle neck (which we love). Could Lauren look any more beautiful? Thanks Steve!
Rianna was lucky that we didn't take this AMAZING suede jacket from Beanie and Cecil. The industrial zippers add perfect texture and detail and the wide collar, lined with comfort is exceptionally fitting for the upcoming cold months.

Because we're obsessed. 

Fresh and Precious 

Monday, September 26, 2011

Rainy Daze

c- Cheese! It's been about a week since we've seen the sun in Wilmington. Though depressing, it calls for some killer pictures in the oh-so-perfect lighting!
We wanted to intertwine fall palettes with our idea of atmosphere.  Despite the fact the women featured on this blog are gorgeous, we need more male models to balance out the beauty.  That's when we decided to call the handy dandy Thomas!
He was styled by Fresh & Precious and the perfect addition to this beachy
 (or should I say moon-inspired) photoshoot.  
Sisterly love.
GAH! Talk about atmosphere. It's like this tire knew we were coming.
I am wearing a dress from Forever 21 I HAD to snag off the rack on my way to the dressing room. I immediately fell in love with the color. I have it paired with my Bakers combat boots and a shawl from a thrift store.  Michael is killin it in white suspenders and carrot pants from Topman.
Look at this huge jelly fish. So cool. We had the realization recently that Wilmington's aesthetic is extremely unique and we've been trying to capture as much of it as possible. Who else has giant jelly fish in their photoshoots? Oh, and the shoes are cool too.

Nestled on top of a sand dune at the north end of Wrightsville beach is this mail box that collects stories and notes from visitors all day long. This whimsical addition to the ocean atmosphere is yet another detail that adds to the aesthetic of our home.

These carrot pants FINALLY came in the mail from Topman
this week and I couldn't wait to get in them.
Also from Topman, this black patterned scoop neck goes
 great with these awesome boots from a market in Barcelona. 

Because we're obsessed.  

Fresh and Precious 

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fall Fashion: Lace & Leather

m- What better to do on a rainy day than take pictures? Last week I got the chance to meet up with two friends from different walks of life. We had to work hard to steal decent pictures between rain showers but I think we managed to get some good shots!
Trent is wearing a dark chocolate vest from Target and Jenny is sporting an awesome dress from H&M. We love this cream dress paired with knee high boots, making this statement dress easily able to be worn during the day.

 Time to break out the leather! This custom-made leather jacket from Italy is to die for. Perfectly tailored, and awesomely Italian, this jacket is a light addition that is exactly what fall is all about.

Because we're obsessed. 

Fresh and Precious 

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