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Spring Fashion Show

m- FINALLY we have some pictures to show you guys from our fantastic fashion show last week. Courtney and I could not have been happier about our Spring into Summer fashion show results. Everyone that was involved in our night contributed greatly to the success and we couldnt be more thankful. It truly was an excellent night of fun fashion and beautifully talented people. This is a long one but there was no way we could miss a look. Wilmington, North Carolina has a lot of talent and we were super excited to showcase the genius that our hip little city by the sea has to offer. 
Hope you'll enjoy!
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Lets get the show started. The first segment of the night was an explosion of colors and prints. Color is IN. Prints are IN. Being bold and unique is the way to do it ladies and gentlemen and we are ready to bring a little more color in our lives. This spectacular look was a product of Kristin Wood's genius. Kristin is the founder of He & Me and currently specializes in sihlouettes and AMAZINGGGGGG jewlerey. Kristin was the icing on top of the cake as she custom-made pieces to bring our show to the next level. Thank you Kristin Wood. 
Lori Wyatt Vintage. It is INSANE how relevant and hip everything Lori has in her phenom collection based out of Charleston, South Carolina. This beautiful tropical is super trendy. Palms aplenty. The day after our show, Madeline and I noticed tropical prints everywhere.
What better place to wear it than here? These Messecas are unreal.
Another great piece from Lori Wyatt Vintage. Zannie was killing it in this 70's floral maxi full of life. 
Keeping the color flowing, Alexis (left) donned this wonderful maxi that I found at Goodwill for five bucks. Amazing. Alexa (right) is wearing a fun summer piece from the lovely 
Keri Cowham at Ink and Thread
I dont know why, but all night I kept referring to Katie as a fashion monster....and I still think it's fitting. WOW Katie. So much amazing. Under the wonderful silhouette by Kristin Wood, is a floral vintage one-piece from Lori Wyatt's collection. Top it off with a nice pair of Jeffrey Campbell Litas and you have yourself a fashion monster. Lovely. 
Thank you Jess James for some awesome photos. Katie looks like she is in space. 
Perfect Jess in a perfect vintage suit from Lori Wyatt. Jess is perfect in every possible way. 
Having Cassie on our team has been nothing but a thrill. Phenomenally talented in every way. Edge of Urge provided this SICK floral dress that Cassie wore on the runway. Unbelievable movement. Thank you Jessie and Michael at Edge! More Jeffrey Campbells. Snakeskin. 
Time for our stunning blondes. Carissa (left) stomped the stage in this hot pink dress from Ink and Thread and Natalyn (right) was killing it in Cherylnina's hand-made dress from her collection at aLUXE
My sister Rhiannon. Could not have a better sibling I assure you. Rhiannon came down from the University of Richmond to help out with the show and to our luck, filled in for a model last minute. Praise for models not always being reliable because Rhiannon was a PERFECT addition to our night. Looking beautiful in this mint vintage from Lori Wyatt. Love the pop of orange at the feet. 
Miles is wearing this awesome light blue shirt with white polka dots (they are there I promise) by French Connection from Wilmington's Bloke. Alexis is wearing another vintage maxi from Lori Wyatt and topped off the look with a white sun hat from Ink and Thread
Awesome purple vintage Wrangler I found at a thrift store in Raleigh for just 6 bucks. 
Lori Wyatt had this colorful vintage Wrangler in her collection and I couldnt believe it. Same shirt, different colorful pattern. Who said men's shirts can't be fun? These great jeans Matt is wearing can be found at Bloke
J Brack walking the runway in Lori Wyatt's vintage pink top. Love the orange sneaks. 
Kristin Wood's color blocking beauty on the right Paired with amazing Jefferey Campbells (of course) and Cherylnina's mint flapper dress on the right from a.Luxe. AMAZING. Jess switched gears from color to beachy boho. We wanted to show some great trends that are perfectly trendy for our coastal town. 

Indo Jax Surf School provided these awesome guys to model beach wear from Bloke. Time for the beach. 
Matt Angel getting his beach on with this graphic tee from Bloke
Holy beautiful. Natalyn could not have worn this piece better. Vintage is sexy. One-pieces are sexy. Who knew? Lori Wyatt did. This vintage suit shows skin in all the right places. Top is off with a hip, hand-made feather accessory and you are gooooood to go. Beautiful white Jeffrey Campbells
Carissa provided us with a great beachy look in Shop Bone's Pineapple tank and Half United's "Elizabeth" bullet necklace. This is definitely a look that can go from the runway to the sand. 
Really loved this look on Jordan. Awesome tank from Bloke, classic Half United bullet necklace and a gand ole Native American vest. 
Alexa or Pochahontas is wearing this great maxi with an amazing head chain from Kristin Wood. 
The monster is back. Katie in an awesomely bohemian piece from Jess James' Stye Girl Collection. Wow. Black Jeffrey Campbells top it off. 
I really am obsessed with every singleeeeeee look from this night. I cant even...This creme vintage suit from Lori Wyatt is wrapped in a custom-made sihlouette and tourquose necklaces from Kristin Wood. AND snake skin Jeffrey Campbell Litas. Really? 
Just when you thought it couldnt get any better. HELLO Madeline. Vintage bathing suit from Free People suit, CUSTOM chest piece from Kristin Wood, and another phenom siloutette from He & Me. Finished up the beach set with a mermaid. 
We now take this time for a public service announcement. The beautiful Jenn Jones and Tucker Middleton graced us with their presence the night of our show and we were fortunate enough to get Jenn and her wonderful words of encouragement on the stage. Unfortunately the results of the primary did not go as planned BUT this is just the beginning. Thank you again Jenn for being such an inspiration. 
Finally the finale. My favorite part of the show. AMERICANA. I know that I have expressed my obsession with red, white, and blue but I really dont think people understand.....anyway...God Bless America for these two ladies above. Zannie and Madeline demanded attention in these two looks by Lori Wyatt. All we needed were some bullets from Half United and an awesome custom head-wrap from Kristin Wood and we were ready to salute the troops of fashion. 
Im sorry...what?
Light wash denim vintage jumper. Need I say more?
My favorite shirt made it on the runway!! LOVE this flag shirt with denim collar and especially love it with these light wash denim jeans found at Bloke. Natalyn is wearing Lori Wyatt's 60s sailor dress with amazing rope detail.
America the beautiful I can tell you that. 
Two great casual looks. Alexis is wearing red shorts from Shop Bones, silk navy top from Jess Jame's Style Girl Collection and Lori Wyatt's vintage sequin tank. LOVE the chucks. On the right, J Brack is wearing another great shirt from Half United and a perfect bullet to top it off. 
OBSESSED. This is a hand knitted bathing suit, custom made by Ashley Jane for our show. Jess could not have made it look better. Wow. Matt Angel is wearing an entire outfit provided by Bloke. This shirt from French Connection is definitely going to be in my closet in the near future. 
Im laughing with how great these models look at I scroll down the page. It keeps getting better. This blue gingham one piece from Lori Wyatt Vintage is perfect with this red rodeo skirt from Jess James' collection. Shop Bones provided these killer red shoes to finish off the look. 
Yeah. Hand-made cheetah shorts by aLUXE. Vintage knit cardigan by Lori Wyatt Vintage. Bullet necklaces from Half United. Vintage Harley Davidson biker boots with EAGLES ON THEM. I mean...
Rhiannon and I literally threw this outfit together five minutes before the show and it ended up being one of my favorites. Great stuff. 
Lovely cobalt blue dress from Jess James' collection. More lovely Jeffrey Campbells. 

Another great piece from Jess' collection...this top made from vintage lingere. Ooo la la. 
This piece from the Style Girl Collection is one of my favorites. Alexa looks wonderful in these polka dots. 
Madison killing it in this vintage Guess denim vest from Lori Wyatt. 
Zannie is phenomenal. Especially in Ashley Jane's knit swim wear. 
I found this track jacket at a thrift store in Charleston. This puppy is an official US track jacket from the 1992 Summer Olympics. Can't get more American than that. 
No one will forget this outfit! Thanks Shop Bones for this lovely jumper and Lori Wyatt for the great vintage accessories!
And the rockets red glare. Madeline closed the show in this knit bathing suit by Ashley Jane and Jeffrey Campbells. Victoria Secret watch out. I die for this. Die. 

I know that was a wholeeeee lot of fashion to soak in BUT we are so so so happy that we were able to share this with the world. Thank you Ryan Geoffrey Smith, Carly Finck, and Jess James for these amazing photos. 
Courtney and I had a blast working with such amazing talents and cant thank you all enough. 

We have worked hard over the past couple of months but it is time for a fresh and precious break. Courtney and I are saying hasta luego for a little while BUT will be back in full throttle in a couple of weeks. Love you all. 

-Because we're obsessed. 

Fresh and Precious 

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