Tuesday, March 25, 2014

#selfies & Amarepare

But first, let me take a #selfie. 
American Apparel just has good lighting, ya know? And bright colorsssss and 80s sweatshop vibessss. It's a perfect selfie spot. 
I have a lot of fun putting my outfits together for a day at work at aa. My outfit on the left consists of American Apparel's Camel Work Pant, red valour sweatshirt, and light denim short sleeve underneath. I love the work pants. They remind me of Carharrts from home. Lol. On the right, I paired my Yacht Stipe Fisherman Pullover  with my light-wash Regular fit 100's. 
Classic American Converses to top off the look. 
ALWAYS wearing my vintage deadstock gold Casio from aa. 
Can you guys help me pick a filter? Haha the one on the left is ridiculous. Loved the outfit though. I cant remember the name of the cream sweater around my waist but it's also from American Apparel. This sweater is super soft and comfy. It's also super big (one huge size fits all)
I don't know if I should go with XX Pro or Valencia. 

Wait, pause. Jason just liked my selfie. 

There's no vodka at this table. Do you know anyone else here?

Because we're obsessed. 

Fresh and Precious

Lemme take a selfie. 

MissKL Blogger Party at Marquee

MissKL was having a fashion blogger party at the Marquee a while back and our great friend Cassie invited me to join her and some friends. Duh I'll go to a fashion blogger party in Chelsea with WeTheFashionati. I brought the ever-classic Dakota as my date for the night. Couldn't be betta. 
80's Miami Vice has been a theme of mine as of late and I think it's ok. Today my #ootd was planned around this super cool leopard button-up I found at a thrift store in Hayte-Ashbury in SF. I tucked this Japanese vintage shirt into tailored navy pinstripe trousers from Banana Republic. I got the tailor to bring in this super wide-leg pant to a small ankle, giving a parachutte-type effect. I dig it. 
Black boots from Urban foreverrrrr ago and vintage gold Casio watch from American Apparel.
 Gold chain from two inches beneath the snow on the side of the street in Bed-Stuy. A lucky find. 
Marquee is a sexy venue. As the fashion party ended, the gays made way into the party. Tuesday nights are gay nights at the Marquee and nothing gets in the way of the gays and their planned gay circuit-life. The fashion (obviously) was fantastic all around. I love New York. 
LOL how do I get nights with women like this? Ok. 
Casual Tuesday night. 
Because we're obsessed. 
Fresh and Precious 

Monday, March 17, 2014

Spectrum: Sun Collection by Warby Parker

Spring. It's the time of year when the thirst for sunshine and color can no longer be suppressed. Slowly I will emerge from my windowless warehouse in Williamsburg and join the welcoming sun. Each day gets brighter and more full of life and it couldn't be more on time. SPRING! No one can deny the pleasures that come from the freshness of a new, budding year. What more pleasing than crisp colors in stark contrast to the darkness of winter? Warby Parker's new Spring Collection, Spectrum, arose with the spring birds this morning. Everything about it has us ready for the season. 

This color, in many various hues, has been a star player in the spring game for the past couple of years. Warby dubs this eucalyptus and her name is Minnie. We'll take it. I actually can't think of something more Fresh and Precious. We especially love the vintage, 60s vibe going on. 
Definitely something that will fit in well with what's trendy this spring. 

Pink, too, is a star color in the spring. .I'm sure most people think pink when they think of spring. The purple tint of the glass is super groovy and giving us fresh spring in Cali vibes. Love these. These are Miss Hall and her color is Cherry Blossom. 

Still in love with the shape. Hey Miss Minnie! Looking good in Warby Striped Sassafras. Tortoise shell is always classic. Very Jackie-O these glasses. Always on trend. 

A spectrum is an array of colorful entities with near endless lines. Metaphorical to spring no doubt! Well played Warby. 
Don't you just love? 
Grab a pair. Do you know the Warby Parker drill? Pick out five. Try them all out for five days. Get a pair for $95 and another pair goes to someone in need. A win, win, win. 

Because we're obsessed. 

Fresh and Precious 

Courtney sporting her Warby Parker's in Charleston, last Spring. 
Click here for a blogpost with more pics featuring sunglasses by Warby Parker

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Happy Birthday Court

We're old. Happy 24 Courtney! Obviously I was a little tipsy when I made this last night at 3am. Look at those sparkles though. THE TIME. 

Wish we weren't thousands of miles apart! Love you always and we need new pictures, Im embarrassed. Let's call this a #tbt

Because we're obsessed. 

Fresh and Precious 
Sarah, Courtney, Amy, and some guy idk that looks fun currently celebrating Court's birthday in sunny San Francisco. :) How stunning? HOW CLASSIC IN THAT HAT. And Sarah- that headpiece is giving me life life life life life. Wish I was there. 

Friday, March 14, 2014

Bria in Floral

This winter I have spent most of my time cozying up in the loft and constantly entertaining guests. You come to me, you know? Bria was no exception- coming over appropriately dressed for a comfy day at home. This floral baby doll dress from American Apparel is such a great little dress to romp around in. The high waist is flattering to most all and gives a nice vintage, youthful (baby doll) look.
Love it Bria!

Because we're obsessed. 

Fresh and Precious 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

UNIF in the Dark

There's an old convent on the corner of my street. 
Alex and I wondered what spirits and secrets lie behind the iron gate... 
Our heads turned. 
And we were sucked in. 
We felt the spirit. 
We admired the spirit. 
We danced with her until dawn. 
 But the spirit grew tired. 
And we were to leave. 
Because we're obsessed
Fresh and Precious 

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