Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Let's Give this a Shot

 Our first blog post! Hello! Michael and Courtney here. Lately we've been COMPLETELY obsessed with personal style and taking pictures of anything and everything. After visiting London this past spring, we both delved into our personal styles started expressing ourselves through clothes more than ever before. So we started a fashion blog and we are going to play around for a little while. 
Let's give this a shot. 

Right now we are digging 70s trends. 

Late summer sun has made us break out the pants and start bringing warmer, more natural color pallets to our everyday. Our color pallet today was inspired by that 70's brown. You know what I'm talking about. More specifically, we channeled a 70's safari vibe this afternoon. See hat above.

Courtney is looking foxy in her outfit today. 

Shoes: $30 at Forever 21
White Tank: $20 at American Apparel 
Vintage Trousers: $15 at Second Time Around Wilmington 
Hat: $15 at Express

These heels are chunky and another hue of that 70's brown we were talking about. 
 Michael's outfit also was inspired by vintage safari. A light, white oxford from American Apparel is a perfect addition to a summer outfit. It's cool on your body and makes your summer tan look all the better. Mustard was Michael's interpretation of the 70's brown today. 
Shirt: $35 at American Apparel 
Jeans: 29 euro at Zara
Bowtie: $20 American Apparel 
Belt: $5 at Goodwill 
Boots: $75 Topman 
Leather Backpack: 35 euro in Granada

 Our first message: EXPRESS YOURSELF. Wear what the hell you want. You look better when you're you. Our second message: You don't have to have money to have sick style. We'll try our best to prove this. And our third message....idk we'll get back to you. 
 We had a really effing good time putting this blog post together. We have a feeling that this is something we will do much more often. 

Because we're obsessed. 

Fresh and Precious 

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