Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Summer Style at the Beach: Taste Testing

c- We had so much fun making outfits for our photo shoot yesterday.  Michael and I grabbed three of our friends and ventured down to the boardwalk in Carolina Beach for some summer lovin!  It was fun creating different outfits from various color palettes of the boardwalk's facades and the natural colors of the coast. Not to mention we had some fabulous models...
Summa lovin HAD ME A BLAST

Happened so fast, ya know? DYING for these fun summa suits.

Michaels ootd:
Umbrella Bowtie: $10 Vintage Brooks Brothers
Shirts: $15 Consignment 
Rugby Sweater: $35 Urban Outfitters 
We went from boardwalk to coastal bliss real fast. LOVE it at the tip of NC. 
More light summer fits. Sarah is wearing shorts and tank from a boutique in Southern France, with a matching vest from Pimkie. Michael is wearing white corduroy shorts from American Apparel and a nautical stripped oxford from Brooks Brothers. 

Fun crew today on the beach. Coastal living aint bad. 

 Because we're obsessed. 

Fresh and Precious 

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