Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Summer Fashion Trends: Obsessed with Americana. (God Bless America)

m- God bless America. Welcome to our melting pot of red, white, and blue and all the colors in between as we sing our praises to the world's greatest country in which we call home. 
Courtney and I were all kinds of excited when Cassie and her talented photographer, Ryan, asked us to join forces with WTFashionai and venture to the pool for some good ole American fun. 
Summer fashion trends are so much fun...and so free. 
I am wearing these nautical, stripped shorts from American Apparel, polka-dotted shirt from Uniqlo, and an awesome American flag bow tie from a vintage shop in Asheville, NC. 
Courtney M-pire.  
There is nothing like these ladies. Cassie so graciously blessed some of our beauties with FANTASTIC throw-back hairstyles inspired by our musical idol, Lana del Rey. Keep up the good work ladies. 
Ryan is rocking a vintage bowtie from Brooks Brothers. There are little umbrellas on it. Fantastic. 
Ryan Budd. A new face to F&P but definitely not new to the crew. After getting together the girls of the group, I knew that Ryan would be perfect for our shoot. Ryan is an all-American. With styles of prep and...prep, Ryan totally encompasses the classic Southern gentlemen. This being said, I knew I didn't have to teach Ryan the ways of the bow tie. 
Jefferey Campbell's are Courtney M's newest flats. Courtney M and Courtney M are really a dynamic duo of greatness. I am so lucky to have such great, intelligent friends (and beautiful of course). Love these girls. Jefferey Campbell's Glitas were our sparklers for our Fourth of July picnic. Had to have a Lori Wyatt Vintage piece in the mix to ensure the perfection...this hand-knitted, American flag cardigan    has been within reach since I first saw it. (It's for sale) It will be hard to part, but ready to be passed down.
Summer fashion trend: knit bathing suits. 
More Jeffrey Campbell greatness. These are black and mesh.We can't get enough of the incredibly talented, Cassie Hunter (left). A Renaissance Woman, if there was ever to be such a term, this girl is a go getter. And get it, she will. Watch out for this one because she is already doing amazing things. DEFINITELY check out her phenomenal online magazine, WTFashionati and all of the greatness it entails. Love you Cassie. 
Courtney was rocking the pin-up-esque hairstyle with awesome bangs. And those eyes. Whew.
 Thank you again Cassie for the fantastic hair. 
Summer fashion trend: skin. 
Summer Fashion Trend: Nails. Nails with designs are all the rage this year. They're fun, and a great way to express yourself. I chose to go with a patriotic theme to celebrate the 4th.
Our new spunky Asian. Full of life, and beautiful from head to toe. 
Ashley Jane, a wonderfully talented artist and designer from Charlotte, North Carolina, hand-knit this AMAZING bathing suit. Crocheted with amazing shapes, these beauties are flattering on everyone.  We were lucky enough to have this pair of suits in our runway show this May. 
Thank you again Ashley Jane! 

Happy fourth of July everyone! 

Because we're obsessed.

Fresh and Precious. 

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