Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Edge of Urge- Chapter 1: Fall Edition

c- No one, deep down, wants to be exactly like others. 
It is important in this social media-engulfed society that we pursue self-interest…especially when it comes to individual style.  Anytime creative ideas, fun accessories, and well put together outfits are mixed- you know the outcome will be a stylish one.

A studio nestled above the downtown boutique serves as the perfect work bubble for the
Edge of Urge crew- a space for creative juices to flow, studio magic to happen, and ideas to brew. KeithKetchum is the talented photographer behind Edge of Urge who is constantly capturing brilliant shots. The energy of the place is pumping; all the while owner Jessie Williams and her mother are hand cutting & sewing the high-waisted, high quality EOU junkies! It’s incredible to witness the behind-the-scenes originality injected into such a well-run local boutique.

Upon my arrival at the shop, the whole Edge of Urge team was already hard at work-- ready to make this day our b****. Erin from Bangz conquered my typically stubborn hair with loose curls while Michael Stevenson worked his make up magic with winged liner and a punch of red lips.  Jess and Yeager are part of the EOU crew that helped finalize looks, accessorize, and make sure models were camera ready.
Michael Ussery is a creative whiz at Edge of Urge.  He impressed me with great attention to detail regarding every outfit and accessory added- of course keeping it unique with a splash of funky.  Although I do secretly prefer to style and/or play photographer, Michael catered to my preferences and tastes (while still blowing me away with his killer picks) to ensure I was comfortable in every outfit…now that takes skill!  
This first dress is my favorite…the McGovern dress- HOLY COOL!! I’m a sucker for a vintage fit and this cream dress takes that love affair to the next level. Why, you ask? Because the cut out back infuses a modern twist that still allows you to wear a bra! FINALLY! Being a bustier lady can often cause difficulty when falling victim to the love of cutout dresses. This dress provides a flattering, easy breezy fit that is incredibly versatile and perfect to pair with any fall accessories. I can’t even get started on these fall hats (they come in lust-worthy fall colors for just $30 at Edge). Is it just me or does everything pair effortlessly with combat boots or Jeffrey Campbell litas…….just sayin.

The Sherbie Mini Dress! This one was fun- for some reason it reminds me of my child hood with ‘My Little Pony’ sprinkled on top. Convertible to badass in just seconds with the addition of a rugged leather jacket and/or some knee high socks (these are more originals by Jessie Williams)!

The Pretty Pleated Skirt is hard to explain- but something like a cascading waterfall of soft goodness. I love pieces with movement and the color of this is one of my fall favorites. The last two pairs of shoes take the cake.  The black bootie is the PERFECT fall staple. Booties (especially black) can complement almost any outfit and having a heel always adds a nice feminine touch to any outfit. Nothing like clinking down those hallways with a purpose…..

 Folks, your eyes are not fooling you. Studded Jeffrey Campbell’s have in fact made babies with a timeless black pump and I couldn’t be happier.  Daintier than litas but still ready to kick ass and take names…sounds like my kinda shoe!

 All the looks featured on this post were photographed by the talented Keith Ketchum, styled by Michael Ussery and the crew, and are available now at Edge of Urge! HAPPY FALL YA’LL!

Because we're obsessed.
-Fresh and Precious

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