Thursday, September 27, 2012

Lil Jackie- A Fashion Chameleon

m- As I was walking on Ohio Wesleyan University's campus for the first time, I instantly regretted the contents of my packed suitcase from North Carolina. To my first dismay, but later satisfaction, I realized that this college nestled in the poster-board land called conservative mid-west, was not the sweat-shirt wearing campus that OWU's college webpage portrayed. The subtle, but oh-so-present style found on the paths of Ohio Wesleyan's campus definitely exceeded my expectations upon arrival.

A strong contributor to this instant change of heart- Jackie. Jackie is part of this group of girls that SCREAM natural beauty and effortlessness whom instantly made me question my "toned down" and "professional" wardrobe I thought appropriate for central Ohio. The country is more progressive than you would think and this is evident in one's dress. 
Lil Jackie has never modeled before in her life...and these aren't edited....I have nothing else to say. 
Watch how Jackie goes from precious college undergrad to FREAKING SUPER MODEL...
in mere seconds. 
One of the best things about Ohio is the landscape. I constantly find myself on the curb of backroads, rural Ohio, snapping pictures of miles of beautiful farmland, litered with picturesque barns and silos. The seamless, natural air of Ohio is so picture-perfect that I often forget that this is more than a play place or toy set. Add a stunning model, and you've got yourself a Lady Gaga music video
("You and I," of course) 
BAM! See that? All we did was put up that hair...and instant super model. 
Are you seeing what I'm seeing? Hair changes everything. 
Fall is time for sweaters and turtlenecks. It is a lovely 60 something degrees in Ohio currently and goes down to mid 30s at night, so jackets and fall attire is here for sure. Animal print is always fantastic and I think Jackie did an awesome job with this outfit, both proportionally and aesthetically. 
Again, no editing. Plum perfection. 
Keeping the animal trend going, and trying take as much advantage of this stellar lighting as possible, Jackie grabbed this shirt out of the back seat of my car, pulled of her skirt, and got to steppin on these here railroad tracks. Instant model material. I just can't get over this one. 
What is so great about this outfit on Jackie was that she instantly became a chameleon of sorts. Depending on the lighting, setting, and hair style, Jackie jumped from Asian influence to African godess, to even something spicy and Latin. The Animal print facilitated this ethnic transformation process even more. SUCH a treat. 
And, to make our experience with this lovely afternoon even more perfect, a locomotive decided to aid us on our photo endeavors. Could not have been better timing. Good thing I always keep a vintage trunk in the trunk. Where ya headed Jackie?
This corn has never looked better. Of this, I am sure. 
It was really a pleasure to shoot with you, Jackie. I can not WAIT for many shoots in the future. Who's signing this girl a model contract?

Because we're obsessed. 


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