Sunday, November 11, 2012

Leather, Spikes, Jeffery Campbells, Fall Fashion

m- During my time here in Ohio, I have met people from every walk of life. Working at liberal arts universities in rural Ohio, to working with the inner-city in downtown Columbus, I have experienced a broad spectrum of personalities, lifestyles, and dress. One group of new-found Ohioan love, in this constantly growing network of amazing people, is a group of fantastically fresh and perfectly precious ladies from Ohio Wesleyan University. I first met Brianna and Jackie in the student center of the university as I stopped them for a picture while I was registering students to vote. After showering them with appropriate, but not near enough compliments, they said, "Wait until you meet the rest of our friends." I was not disappointed. 
In time, Jackie and Brianna introduced me to the beautiful Maggie (And Ruby + Ayana of course...not pictured). Maggie is a complete fox and she doesn't even know it. Her style is SPOT ON. Spikes, leather, crosses, Campbells.  I could see her traipsing down Camden in London now...and what an Ombre! That takes talent. 
Pop of red pumps from Brianna. 
Jackie (left) looks good in ANYTHING. Have you seen those pictures of her from a couple of weeks ago? Bye. You know? This lace dress is of course fantastic on her and makes her long, luxurious legs even more fantastic. 
Briana is stunning. See here.
This black, lace detailed dress was the perfect cute for her tiny precious size.
An awesome transition to a little fall ensemble. I really liked Brianna's choice of brown, green, and denim. The light skirt is perfectly paired with the heavy denim. Brianna is perfect with proportions and knowing the right proportions for you is truly the best way to look best. Again, I love this fall look. 
Can't get ENOUGH of these spiked Jefferey Campbells. I SERIOUSLY CANT. They remind me of when Courtney and I were in Camden Town in London SO much. 
More Jefferey Campbells....this time...the CLAW. These puppies are sick. Jefferey Campbells are the God's of the modern shoe world. I have never seen anyone use the canvas of a shoe in such a bad-ass, gravity-defying way. They have changed the shoe industry immensely for the better. 

I'm really going to miss these fashionistas. You all are beautiful, talented, and fashionable ladies. Go kick some ass and look good while doing it. 

Get your fall outfits on folks, winter is just around the corner. 

Because we're obsessed.

Fresh and Precious 


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