Monday, May 20, 2013

Men's Vintage: 70's Trousers

m- Ok so there is this vintage shop in Raleigh that I (truly) can't get enough of. Lucky Strike Vintage has reached it's arms across the state from Winston Salem to the Capitol City and we are SO thankful for these newcomers in town. Lucky Strike, owned by two super cool vintage lovers, Vicki and Michael, has a beautiful collection of threads from every decade imaginable. My favorite finds thus far have surely been the one-of-a-kind vintage shirts Ive started to collect but the PANTS I have scored at this new, local gem, should not go unannounced. 
 When I saw this pair of plaid trousers on the rack at Lucky Strike, they were mine before I even looked at the size. Then, I looked at the size. Could it be true? A 29 waist and 34 length? Not often do I find the perfect size for my awkward and long shape, but hot damn here it was. In red, white, and blue no less. I couldn't WAIT to take these puppies for a spin. 
 I had more fun at our dinner party because I was wearing these pants. 
Here is another pair of pants from the amazing Lucky Strick Vintage. These green beauties are super 70's like the first pair, but were not as long as I would have liked at purchase. So, I took these, and others to a tailor and had them take out the bottom a little bit for optimal pant flattery. I am obsessed. 
Inspired by all of the new pieces I found at Lucky Strike, I contacted an extremely talented photographer in Charleston, South Carolina.
Jonathan Balliet is a ridiculous talent and I was so fortunate to venture to his stomping grounds for a shoot. All of these beautiful shots came from the lovely J. Balliet. 
 It was fun bringing these vintage pieces back to life.There is no telling where the dapper owner of these pants once traveled, or how much of the world these trousers have seen since their birth over 30 years ago, but they have a whole lot more living to do. 

I can tell you that.

 Because we're obsessed. 

Fresh and Precious 

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