Monday, December 9, 2013

On the Manhattan Bridge with Kealro

m- Winter rain in Manhattan happens. Prepare for it. Look good in it. 
Alex and I had a rainy morning last week. After meeting in Union Square for a coffee, the two of us ventured down Broadway to play on the Manhattan Bridge for a little bit. 
Alex's outfit was perfect for the rainy weatha. 
Alex is wearing a Boy London tank and hat, with some bomb ass acid-wash sweatpants. These pants are perfect for running around the city and they pair great with black Doc Martens. 
And they're comfortable. 
Alex has on his black peacoat as his top layer. 
Duck boots for the rain. 
I finally got to whip out this sweet jacket I bought on St Patricks day (30% off for being green) at Lucky Strike in Raleigh. I didn't think I would ever wear it because of being so heavy BUT HELLO perfect for winter in New York. I can throw this shit over anything. There are wooden toggles, it has a plaid interior, and the pockets are filled with old tobacco. Quality. 

This just in from Ellan Maynard: The green wool jacket with the toggles (wooden barrel shaped buttons ) is called a duffle coat. The wool it is made from is called Melton cloth. It's an old school style firm the 6o's or earlier. It has reappeared over the decades with only minor changes and almost always has a plaid wool lining. 

Now we know!

My black hoodie and beanie from American Apparel are staples to almost every outfit. My head needs to be warm and the hoodie gives you a perfect extra layer. Being black, these two items go with it all. 
I could do some work in this city. 
Lucky to have Alex in the city. Always time to play and take some pictures. 

Because we're obsessed. 

Fresh and Precious

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