Saturday, April 26, 2014

Men's Spring Selects

It's spring time.
Put some color on and get out the house. 
Because the world is beautiful, remember?
Kealro is outside. In his Spring outfit of choice. 
And I in mine. 
Finally. Short sleeves. Skin. Sun. 
Living for Kealro's outfit today. Alex is wearing American Apparel's sear sucker Kennedy shorts with a beautifulllllll vintage shirt I found in Charleston, South Carolina. Feeling some Miami Vice/JFK vibes with this one. Happy with it. 
A great thing about the Spring is the fact that we can finally start making OUTFITS. It's a waste during the winter to put together a great outfit because youre just going to throw a damn jacket over it. Now we can play. American Apparel has some of the best accessories in my opinion. Super classic, vintage, and they come in every color imaginable. You really finish off an outfit with the right accessories. For Spring. Im excited to wear the lavender, baby pink, and straw colored skinny belts. 
Mint is always a coveted color this time of year. I love how Alex added a gold chain necklace. 
And purple socks. Nice one Kealro. 
And these SUNNIES. Round is in, gold is always in, and hot damn these are fab. 
My Spring #ootd is a light pallet of white, pink, and light denim with my Classic 100's from American Apparel and a vintage floral polo from a Goodwill in West Virginia. Yes....we went into a Goodwill in West Virginia.....
Finished my outfit with a forest green skinny belt from AA, my white Converses, and a gold necklace with a pendant bearing a picture of my 3 year old self. 
 THANK YOU Spring for finally showing up to the party. We've been waiting. Now the fun begins. 

Make some really kick-ass Spring outfits. 

Because we're obsessed. 

Fresh and Precious 

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