Friday, April 4, 2014

Brooklyn Local Spotlight: Brooklyn Charm

Where to shop in Williamsburg? A common question in the hood. Much of Brooklyn's allure is its' "hard-to-find" nature. There are SO many places in Williamsburg that you would easily pass without knowing what lay behind that old rustic door you pass everyday on the way to work. But not to worry! There are locals that are willing to share the wealth! One of these hidden gems is Brooklyn Charm- an amazing little shop, full of CHARMS.  Right off Bedford Ave, just a few blocks from the L stop, Brooklyn Charm is definitely a spot to stop by when in Williamsburg. 
It's quite charming. 

My friends Emily, Emily, and I had a random Thursday off a few weeks ago and we decided to hit the streets and make it a day in the burg. We got a beer at Brooklyn Bowl, breakfast tacos at Whirly Bird, and ventured in all the vintage shops around Bedford. Our last stop was Brooklyn Charm. We were there for over an hour. Whoops! 
You can see why we took so long. Brooklyn Charm has EVERY charm you could ever imagine. Elephants, screwdrivers, horoscope signs, US states....I mean anything that you can imagine for real. 
I wanted them all. Andddd after a few beers, I REALLY wanted them all. The process is quite easy. Grab a tray, pick out ya charms, buy a chain, and check out! There is a dollar a charm assembly charge (You can obviously do it yourself to save money...Im not good with pliers so I left it to the pros) AND BADA BING. You have yourself a personal necklace.  
But this is what I put together. Princess Diana and a pyramid. The other charm above is me circa 1991. Fresh and Precious right? 
I love this shit. I wear my little charm necklaces allllllllll day every day. I love to pull a 90s fashion style and wear it over all my sweatahs. It's a great touch. 

RIP Princess Di. Sometimes the world gets jealous of too much perfection. 
Totally not your fault. 

Definitely check out this gem next time you are wandering through Williamsburg. It is fantastic for gifts and even more fantastic for yourself. There are SO many great shops in Brooklyn that just need a little discovery. We will find them all. 

Because we're obsessed. 

Fresh and Precious 

After shopping the streets of Bedford, walk a few blocks West to spend some time with this skyline. 

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