Thursday, June 12, 2014

Men's Floral on Waverly Place

Trend of the day: Men's Florals. 
We love them. Deep coloured tropical prints are everywhere currently so I decided that deep coloured floral prints are part of the mix as well. I'm going with it. 
 Here are my three favorite florals ATM. 
Favorite men's floral number one: Blue with Daises from a Joe Fresh in Toronto. I love the short sleeve button-up with high waisted dress pants. It's a sexy, vintage silhouette for men. Daises and sunflowers were also a theme in the 90s. I think this is another reason I love this shirt. 
Joe Fresh Daisy Button-up: $35
Favorite men's floral number two: Red Daisies from Topman on Broadway in Soho. 
Absolutely obsessed with this print. Topman never does me wrong. 
I used to only wear Topman when I was younger....
now I can't afford it.
 #life #grownupworldsucks 
I decided to treat myself for this red, white, and blue beauty. 
The cut is great. The flowers are groovy. I digggggg. 
Red, White, and Blue Daisies by Topman: $55
Favorite men's floral number three: Vintage Groovy Orange Floral
I semi-lust for this print. I found this groovy-ass polyester when I was on a business trip last year. I rented a car and drove to DC. Along the way, I stopped at three Goodwills in backkkwoods Virginia/NC/etc......found a Goodwill that hadn't been touched since idk the 80s. 
THIS was one of the many things I bought that day. 
70's Orange and White Groovy Floral: $10
Throw on a floral baby. 

Because we're obsessed. 

Fresh and Precious 


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