Thursday, May 29, 2014

DIY: Men's Spring into Summer Vision Board

m- Every season Courtney and I try to throw together a fashion-inspired vision board for fun. 
True believers in the Law of Attraction, we think there is strong power in visualizing what you desire. Today I made a Spring into Summer vision board and I love it aleady. Living in Bushwick and working in Chelsea, has really kept me excited in switching up my street style every day. 
This is alwaysssss a fun DIY. Get stimulated.Get inspired. :)
Change in season, change in reason. 
This project is nothing far from the collages you've made your whole life. 
This just has a little more purpose.
 The Barnes and Nobel in Union Square is usually my retreat when Spring rain suddenly happens. I stop on the third floor to grab a few magazines, then head upstairs to sit and flip through. You can stay as long as you want. It's quite nice. Don't tell anybody.
 Today I decided to buy two magazines- I'm usually too broke to bring them home. #nyclife

1. British GQ Style: Spring-Summer 2014 
-When given the option, I always, always choose the UK edition over any other. The Brits are always ahead of the game. Plus the white-boy style is perfect for me. :) 

2. Fantastic Man: Spring 2014
-Fantastic Man is my favorite men's fashion magazine at the moment. The layout is clean and classic. Straight out of Holland, the fashion is European in cut and classic in color-pallete. Plus 90's Euro(trash) is super on trend right now. Super on point. 
Find something sturdy to paste your pics on. I could only find a box. 
The shape turned out cool though. I love crafts whew.
 Leo! Babe! Showing us what's good. 
Hawaiian print is the new plaid....sure. We'll take it. I've always thought vintage Hawaiian shirts are sexy when done right. Check out our blogpost from last Summer with Lori Wyatt in Charleston. The Hawaiian shirts that everyone is coveting are super deep and rich in color. I love. Will definitely have some more of these in my close soon. Thanks Leo. 
All white everything. This is what I need after a winter in a warehouse with no windows in 
New York. White. Sun. 
All white outfits are pristine and make you look freaking great. 
It's like a white box of natural of light is following you around all day to make you glow. 
And it's great for warm days to come.

 My Spring and Summer summarized: High waisted trousers. Short shorts. Vintage everything. Lightwash denim. White.
and mushrooms. 
Also going to try out this no-shirt, just bandana thing. Working on my fitness but I think I can make it work come summer festival time. 
I've got my plan down and Im excited about it. Now I'm going to start finding these things on the street. So fun to inVISION. If you think it, if you see it, it will be. Yessssssss warm weather. 
 Because we're obsessed. 
Fresh and Precious 


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