Thursday, September 1, 2011

Edge of Urge: Local Street Style

m- Edge of Urge. Over the past four years, I’ve been fortunate enough to watch how this local gem has transformed from a cozy and hip boutique only known by locals, to something accrediting national recognition- all while keeping it’s small town character exclusive to eccentric
Wilmington, North Carolina.

I have always loved treating myself to stops at edge. The atmosphere is fantastic. Its There really are some fantastic pieces that you cant get a hold of anywhere closer than DC or Atlanta, so you know you’re going to always find something unique.

My purchases of the day: tanks.
Keeping the 90's theme rolling, I found this awesome tank that I really cant get enough of. This heavy cotton tank is stripped with an awesome 90's color theme of teal, gray, brown and blue and is cut just the way you never knew you wanted it. Our favorite part of the shirt is the patch of denim visible only when unbuttoned. I'm always down for surprises!

DIY: Cut up some old Levis that you haven’t worn in years, roll them up, and you’ve got a new pair of denim shorts. Pair them with a tank like this and some vintage high-top sneaks and you are good to go.

This cool necklace from Forever 21 keep in the 90's color palette. These faux ivory fangs look like they’ve been dipped in a 90's roller rink birthday room.
Bailey’s sunglasses are also a new purchase from Edge of Urge for just twelve bucks! Cat-eye sunglasses are key.

We love edge. Thank you edge for giving us hope for fashion in the south. With this store, there is no doubt that we are on our way.

Because we're obsessed. 

Fresh and Precious

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