Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fall Fashion: Beauties in an Enchanted Forest

m- Here is part two of the photo shoot Georgia, Jennifer and I worked on last week. We decided to remove some of the color from the outfits before, in order to give a more muted alternative and this is what we put together! This small wood had a distinctive feel to it that almost seemed enchanted and I wanted to bring earthy tones to respect the atmosphere. I think it was effective.
Georgia has layered a simple cream blouse from Gap on top of a lace top from Forever. Underneath, a fantastic silk romper by Motel Rocks from Edge of Urge.
The print of these amazing tights combined with these to-die-for shoes made Georgia's legs look out of this world. Both were found at Urban Outfitters. 
A found this orange vintage leather jacket from a consignment shop for just 38 bucks and I haven't taken it off since. I also liked the textile juxtaposition of the chord on chord and the sleek leather.

Because we're obsessed. 

-Fresh and Precious

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