Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Week of WOW model fittings

m- Last Friday, on 11-11-11, the wonderfully talented Jess James joined up with Lumina Station to put on a beautifully successful evening of fashion. Inspired by the classic movie, "Blue Velvet" in celebration of their 25th anniversary, Jess styled a fantastic fashion show full of beautiful clothes and even more beautiful models. I was fortunate enough to help Jess throughout the fitting process prior to the show and I couldn't help but blog about all the great things that were happening.
Madeline has such a unique look and Jess did a great job highlighting her stunning beauty for the show. Madeline is sporting an AWESOME Lilly fur vest in by A.L.C. that really is to die for.
Bring on the cold.
Another beautiful model. Meet Elena Wright. Elena has the perfect body for a jumper like this one by Ark & Co. We project that turbans are going to be everywhere soon so grab this knit taupe turban by free people for just 28 bucks! Every accessory Elena is donning can be found at either Island Passage or Return Passage- awesomely fashionable,
 and appropriately affordable clothes located in Downtown Wilmington.

Madeline looks fantastic in this Gold sequin dress by Tibi, paired with another fur piece by 525 America. Below is a great little leopard belt by Tory Burch- a perfect way to top off the look.
Katelynn had a great, day-time look that we fell in love with. Katelynn is wearing Free People shorts and awesome leather loafer heels by Seychelles. These fun, fingerless mittens by Knit Bonbons are an affordable way to warm up an outfit. Don't forget this faux fur alternative by Ya for just 58 dollars!
Ok so, Im OBSESSED with these accessories by Salu Metal Media. SUCH a unique and innovative way to add some life to an outfit. Awesomely industrial and easy to wear, these pieces should be everywhere. No really.

Emily is a perfect canvas to display this green velvet tunic by He&Me Apparel and more Salu Metal Media pieces. Way down there in the picture on the left are burgundy crocodile bootlets also by He&Me and will also be everywhere in no time so go get some now.

Wilmington's Gentleman's Corner provided exquisite pieces for the male models for the night and Peter and Simon wore it all well. I especially love these vintage metal collar tips Jess found at Wilmington's own Bargain Box.

Because we're obsessed. 

Fresh and Precious

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  1. that gold bow belt and leather loafers are to dieeeee for! i'm so glad faux fur is in...beautiful pictures!


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