Monday, February 6, 2012

Street Style: mixin' & matchin'

m-Today was an extraordinary day. I feel like we talk about the weather all the time on f&p but when you've got extraordinarily perfect weather in the beginning of February, it's hard not to brag. Of course the weather plays a pivotal role in outfit choices but we like to boast a little about our 70 degree sunny days... with a nice breeze...Anyway, today we had a new group of faces and we couldn't be happier about it. Gretchen, Miles, and Dylan all were nice enough to jump in some pics with Courtney, Alexa (a pro), and myself.  I think the finished product was a success.
Even more of a success is having Logan Beam join you on your day!
In a nutshell, today was perfect and we wanted to celebrate it that way. 
It was another one of those days when the outfits just happened. Purple seemed to be a theme in everyone's attire except Alexa, but Alexa has the capability of wearing absolutely anything and she will always get noticed. Always. We think the orange polka dots break up the purple and compliments it perfectly! This orange beauty can be found at Hallelu on Wrightsville Beach!
Poor Dylan wasn't aware that a camera was going to be in front of his face all afternoon but unfortunately that's the price you have to pay when you're cute and dress well around Courtney and me. Sorry but so not sorry. Dylan was the final person to bring this great little group together. 
Steve Madden kicks. 
Holy hair. Red, brown, blonde. These women are strikingly stunning in every way possible and I am so blown away by how unique and confident the three of these women are. Everyone represented some sort of pattern, hair color, and texture that all complimented their individual looks. I meannnnnn just look at them. Wowsahs. 
Gretchen is wearing Forever 21 and looks like a super model. I am obsessed with the deep purples in Gretchen's maxi skirt and it goes so well with her bohemian lace top. Miles compliments Gretchen not only with how cute they both are but with small accents of plum. I found this shirt, once again, at a thrift store. This time for $1.25. Miles certainly doesn't look like $1.25 does he?
Giraffe earrings. 
Courtney speaking now... I got this belt from Vintage Values and these rings from H&M for just $3! These zebra tights came from my wonderful friend Carissa.
Courtney is all about mixing and matching textures, patterns, and prints and I think you should be too. The thing with mixing unique prints is that you can't hold back. Take the prints that you wouldn't normally think of wearing together and try them out. The trick is to look at the outfit as a whole...not just a close up of the two prints. So many people hold up two inches of fabric and dissect the minuscule colors to see if they match or not....way too small to notice and we are not matching here...we are going together! 

So, take a step back and look at the over-all outfit. There are too many prints in this world to not be utilized so throw them all together and watch as your outfits take a new life of their own. 
Bogan Leam. Awesomely dressed, awesomely talented, and awesomely cool. Logan just got this camera and he wanted to give it a shot (pun intended) and he came along on our little adventure this afternoon. Hopefully, (Logan doesn't know this yet), we can get Logan on our blog again soon because he really has a unique style of his own that we would love to showcase. Anyway, we were certainly lucky to have him. 
More thrift store finds! Dylan found these puppies for under five bucks. Oh...and we love the socks. 

Because we're obsessed. 


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