Wednesday, February 29, 2012

polka dots and shades.

I couldn't wait any longer to take pictures with Sami, especially once I saw pictures of her amazing new bangs.  Luckily she had a few days off of school and was able to make her way to Wilmington.  With only one day of beautiful weather to showcase her fun style, it was crunch time.
We quickly went through her bag and my closet and next thing you know...

MAGiC... the form of a sheer and patterned button down, red skinny jeans, and some fun brown heels.  Both her top and jeans were from forever 21 and the heels were mine from Julie's Boutique in Wilmington

After seeing the outcome of these pictures, my jaw literally dropped.
We realized we met when she was in 5th grade...seriously?! Where has time gone. It's safe to say she's matured flawlessly.
I'm obsessed with my new cat eye sunglasses with the dramatic studded tips. I checked the mail as we were leaving my house and surely enough they were waiting for me! I could barely wait to get the box open and put these babies on. Immediate obsession. I ordered them off of 80's purple.
Polka dot on polka dot. I wanted to pair Sami's fun polka dot skirt with something from my closet. After spotting this polka dot blouse I got at a consignment shop in Wilmington, I found myself saying,
 "Just humor me and try this on."
Taking my attraction to mixed patterns down an even more funky path; I immediately fell in love with mixing two varying patterns of polka dots.

Stunner shades.

Because we're obsessed.


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  1. Courtney- It’s sami! I love you and had so much fun with you! see you tomorrowwww!


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