Tuesday, March 25, 2014

MissKL Blogger Party at Marquee

MissKL was having a fashion blogger party at the Marquee a while back and our great friend Cassie invited me to join her and some friends. Duh I'll go to a fashion blogger party in Chelsea with WeTheFashionati. I brought the ever-classic Dakota as my date for the night. Couldn't be betta. 
80's Miami Vice has been a theme of mine as of late and I think it's ok. Today my #ootd was planned around this super cool leopard button-up I found at a thrift store in Hayte-Ashbury in SF. I tucked this Japanese vintage shirt into tailored navy pinstripe trousers from Banana Republic. I got the tailor to bring in this super wide-leg pant to a small ankle, giving a parachutte-type effect. I dig it. 
Black boots from Urban foreverrrrr ago and vintage gold Casio watch from American Apparel.
 Gold chain from two inches beneath the snow on the side of the street in Bed-Stuy. A lucky find. 
Marquee is a sexy venue. As the fashion party ended, the gays made way into the party. Tuesday nights are gay nights at the Marquee and nothing gets in the way of the gays and their planned gay circuit-life. The fashion (obviously) was fantastic all around. I love New York. 
LOL how do I get nights with women like this? Ok. 
Casual Tuesday night. 
Because we're obsessed. 
Fresh and Precious 

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