Monday, March 17, 2014

Spectrum: Sun Collection by Warby Parker

Spring. It's the time of year when the thirst for sunshine and color can no longer be suppressed. Slowly I will emerge from my windowless warehouse in Williamsburg and join the welcoming sun. Each day gets brighter and more full of life and it couldn't be more on time. SPRING! No one can deny the pleasures that come from the freshness of a new, budding year. What more pleasing than crisp colors in stark contrast to the darkness of winter? Warby Parker's new Spring Collection, Spectrum, arose with the spring birds this morning. Everything about it has us ready for the season. 

This color, in many various hues, has been a star player in the spring game for the past couple of years. Warby dubs this eucalyptus and her name is Minnie. We'll take it. I actually can't think of something more Fresh and Precious. We especially love the vintage, 60s vibe going on. 
Definitely something that will fit in well with what's trendy this spring. 

Pink, too, is a star color in the spring. .I'm sure most people think pink when they think of spring. The purple tint of the glass is super groovy and giving us fresh spring in Cali vibes. Love these. These are Miss Hall and her color is Cherry Blossom. 

Still in love with the shape. Hey Miss Minnie! Looking good in Warby Striped Sassafras. Tortoise shell is always classic. Very Jackie-O these glasses. Always on trend. 

A spectrum is an array of colorful entities with near endless lines. Metaphorical to spring no doubt! Well played Warby. 
Don't you just love? 
Grab a pair. Do you know the Warby Parker drill? Pick out five. Try them all out for five days. Get a pair for $95 and another pair goes to someone in need. A win, win, win. 

Because we're obsessed. 

Fresh and Precious 

Courtney sporting her Warby Parker's in Charleston, last Spring. 
Click here for a blogpost with more pics featuring sunglasses by Warby Parker

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