Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Spring Cleaning: Men's Spring in the West Village

Spring is still kicking in the city of Manhattan (and surrounding Burroughs:) and everyone rejoiced. I'm kind of surprised how nice this Spring has been.
 I mean we deserve it, lbh. So keep on the Spring outfits. Keep on the purple and pink. 
Photos by: Mariya Chekmarova
Lol hey West Village.
Today I wore three Spring shirts with my light-wash 100's from American Apparel. I wanted to keep our shoot in the city easy by minimal outfit changes. This also was a good way to show how to make your wardrobe stretch. If you have solid, well-fitting bottoms, with appropriate shoes, you can really make 100 outfits out of merely switching out the shirt. 
My first ootd features an Asian Homer Simpson, "Mr. Sparkle" I found on a quick trip in the Uniqlo in Soho. I instantly went to this shirt (there are hundreds of fun prints at Uniqlo now ps) because of the awesome colors. The asian text was a nice bonus. 
Finished the outfit with the gold chain I pulled out of the snow somewhere deep in Bed-Stuy this winter. Homer looking fly. 
Obsessed with this lavender raglan from American Apparel. White and lavender. Spring. Wore it with a lavender skinny belt and my gold Princess Diana necklace. 
My last Spring, ootd is alllllll about this pastel tie-dye. Currently my favorite shirt. Reminds me of UNIF, California, and festivals to COME. 
It's so soft too. 
Happy Spring beautiful humans. Enjoy it. 

Because we're obsessed. 

Fresh and Precious 
Photos by: Mariya Chekmarova

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