Sunday, August 14, 2011


m- This weekend I was fortunate enough to be a part of the beautiful wedding weekend of Keri and Chris Cowham. It was so fantastic to get to know such wonderful families like the Cowhams and Zollos and I was so happy to photograph this big day. The positive vibes and perfect beachy atmosphere really got me thinking. I found myself adapting my outfits and wardrobe to my surroundings and I found out how great a role atmosphere plays in fashion. Inspired, and ready to edit, I wrote a quick post about how atmosphere has changed the way I look at the clothes I wear.

Hope you enjoy!

Fashion and I met a couple of years ago on an extraordinarily romantic
three-week trip to Europe. Weʼve been going steady ever since.
Clothing and outfits like Iʼve never experienced in the southern capital of North
Carolina, exploded on the concrete sidewalks of Vienna, Austria. Color combinations
unknown to the uncivilized world paraded through the streets of Vienna as I stared in
awe, mentally taking note of every stitch of these new beauties. Shoes on men and
women alike were so meticulously paired with their partner outfits that an air of
effortlessness exuded from the tip of their ownerʼs toes straight up to their confident
gaze behind their well-crafted spectacles. There was no mistaking that the clothing on
these streets was, and still is, inspired by the unique facades around them.

Thousands of years of history is found in the great walls of Vienna. Palaces of
great kings and queens stretch for hundreds of acres around this massive city. An outfit
may seem insignificant next to these extraordinary walls but it is the exact opposite.
These massive walls are backdrops of great beauty that serve as a reminder of history
in a modern world. In Vienna, I learned that an outfit is oneʼs personal contribution to
this beautiful world that surrounds us. In Vienna, It was like people were paying their
respect to the city that they graciously live-through the powerful medium of fashion.

Atmosphere, I learned, is one of the greatest inspirations in fashion. The
atmosphere that was created by this wonderfully eccentric esthetic that I experienced at
just nineteen years old, was undoubtedly the factor that single-handedly welcomed me
into the world of fashion. There was no turning back.

Because we're obsessed. 

Fresh and Precious 

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