Thursday, August 25, 2011

Once Upon a Mountain

c- A few weeks ago. I was lucky enough to visit four of my beautiful and talented friends in the mountains.  Collaborating with fashionable friends and creative photographers made for a grand time upon the mountain tops.

Meeting up with high school friends is always a blast from the past.  I was more than delighted when Samantha showed up dressed as cute as ever for our shopping trip. Considering it was twenty degrees colder in the mountains that at my normal home at the beach, I found her outfit to be incredibly appropriate.  The skirt brings the feelings of fall, while the strappy sandals and satchel compliment the every day outfit.  I'm a sucker for gray and throwing the vest over her
comfortable outfit dresses it up a bit.
                Samantha took me around AMAZING vintage shops in the heart of downtown.  I was literally dying at the multiple floors of unique and completely authentic and random keepsakes.  We were having so much with all the props and Samantha was a great model.  
Everything in the store had a story and was different than the next. 
HOW BEAUTIFUL IS THIS PICTURE?! I was in love with this hat on Samantha. Amazing.
After a few hours shopping around and exploring this historic town, I arrived back just in time to get dolled up and explore the mountain tops for a photoshoot with my girls.  It consisted of funky outfits, red lips, and fabulous shoes.

I had to capture their outfits on our voyage for the picture perfect spots.  The blue boots had a vibrant pop that stood out in a fantastic way and complimented the skirt for the funky feel. 

These beautiful wedges were were purchased from Aldo and perfectly 
paired with sheer knee high stockings for a boot look.

                                  Hannah Conrad in a sheer lace cardigan over a black bando.

Because we're obsessed.

Fresh and Precious 

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