Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Local Fashion Show: Torri Bell and Range Rover Present: Fashion Reigns

m- This past thursday I was privileged to spend the evening with some beautiful people at the "Fashion Reigns" fashion show put on by the fabulous torri/bell owners, Torri Winstead and Gina Borgese Bell, and Land Rover Cape Fear.  It was a glamorous night with great fashion, awesome cars, and great people and I truly enjoyed myself. A night surrounded by beautiful fashion is always a good night. 

There is nothing like a black bowtie to keep the night classic. I decided to sport mine with some skinny suspenders from Topman. 

This black and white striped dress was one of my favorite looks from the night. The heavy material had wonderful movement and this short leather jacket had the perfect asymmetrical lines to bring it all together. I don't know who this is, but I love you. 

I was so lucky to have Courtney come join me on the shoot to get some pre-event shots for the blog and was not surprised when she showed up looking as fantastic as ever. Courtney's black pleated Sangria dress and red vintage belt gave her a perfect shape for the evening.

Ok so, Courtney speaking! If you want to achieve my hairstyle start with teasing the top back part of your hair to gain volume.  Next, you're going to want to curl your hair in loose curls, flip your hair over and toss it around to gain volume then pin it to one side with bobby pins. I like to accent it with an oversided flower or bow to gain a classic look!

My outfit tonight was a melting pot of pieces from all over the world and I was so excited to get to showcase them. My suspenders were from the Topman in London, shirt sleeve oxford from Zara off 5th in Manhattan, black biker boots from Bershka in Barcelona, and standard H&M jeans from Grand Tenerife in the Canary Islands. I love how simple pieces can have such a great story behind them. 

Pictures of the fashion show coming soon!

Because we're obsessed. 

-Fresh and Precious

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