Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Street Style: Philly.

m- We love Philly. This past weekend my friend Tillery and I packed up the car and booked it up to New England for a couple of days. 75 degrees with a fall breeze welcomed us as we detoured off the highway for some lunch in Philly. This was my first time in Philly and I was totally feeling it. The lines of the city served as an awesome backdrop for some good ole' city fashion. 

Trying to keep comfort AND style in mind, we had to find loose fitting pieces so we could survive a 15 hours car ride. Tillery mastered this with a light wash denim oxford and I just threw on a cool tank. I think we fit right in with this Philadelphia facade. 

For all you "It's always Sunny In Philadelphia" fans, Tillery and I stopped by the real Paddy's Pub on the way out of town. Of course we couldn't resist an Octoberfest. Talk about fall in the Northeast!

As I was taking creeper razzi photos out the car window, I died when I saw this group of boys. These guys were wearing exactly what I would wear. I love the American Apparel feel and the 50's hairstyles to top it all off. 

Just some fun street style below. A little camo never hurt anybody.

Because we're obsessed. 

Fresh and Precious 

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