Thursday, October 20, 2011

Summer in the South: a quintessential afternoon

Ok so. Today something weird happened.  Sarah and I were able to take the day off from school work and work work and actually enjoy ourselves! Something was up, but we weren't asking questions. There are plenty of places to spend the day in Wilmington but Airlie Gardens is one of the best. Rightly self-proclaimed, "breathtaking quintessential Southern Gardens," this 67 acres of land is truly a sanctuary of Southern vegetation. What a place to spend the afternoon.

After forgetting my card for my camera and turning around to get it, we were welcomed by a dead battery when we finally got back to the gardens. Having that said, all of these pictures are taken from my iphone. 

A little unconventional, but definitely effective, I think the iphone held it's own on this impromptu shoot.

This AWESOME vintage vest is to die for. The 70's feel is perfect and the details are something hard to come by these days. Sarah found this for a steal at an the awesome consignment boutique, Second Time Around, located in downtown Wilmington. Original vests are great ways to switch up an outfit and truly make it your own. 
 My American Apparel package finally came in! This brown t-shirt is one of THE most comfortable shirts I've ever owned in my life. Extra long, and super super soft, this light tee was perfectly juxtaposed with a vintage wool cardigan found at Bargain Box in Wilmington (the green is fantastic too).

 Sarah's sunglasses are vintage 70's specs from the closet of her very own great-grandmother. 

Told you the iphone knew how to do work! Sarah got a great shot of my accessories for the day. I try to make sure that I don't over-do it in the accessories department. My Michael Kors watch, Mango cassette necklace, and custom ring from Mallorca pulled the outfit together nicely.  

 One last thing. How amazing are these boots?? The army green combats are PERFECT for the fall. Who says you can't look killer and be comfortable? These puppies are lined with awesomeness. Of course these great shoes are from Edge of Urge (everything amazing usually is).

Because we're obsessed. 


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