Thursday, March 1, 2012

Vote Against

Vote Against. May 8th. 

Another great community event. I am so lucky to have crossed paths with such great people over the past couple of years living in Raleigh and Wilmington. Watching the progress that my hometown, Raleigh, North Carolina has made over the past couple of years has been truly inspiring. I've watched a city grow on so many different levels and the products that have come out of this sort-of-Renaissance have been pretty progressive for the South. Unfortunately these new forms of progress only reach so far. This is where Curtis Scott comes forward this progress. His campaign: Vote Against. 

                                                                                                                                                             Vote Against is another campaign for equality asking North Carolinian's to "Vote Against" Amendment One this May 8th. Lead by the great Raleigh photographer Curtis Scott Brown, the Vote Against Campaign takes a snapshot of all of the opposers to the newest amendment affecting our community. This genius campaign truly gives a visual for all of the people that this amendment affects. For a donation of just 20 bucks you can get a Vote Against Shirt and your picture taken by this lovely photographer. Its such a fun, visual way to show who cares! 
Definitely check out when the next shoot is close to you.

Local models came out to support the campaign. Michal should always been in front of the camera!
Family Portrait featuring two of our favorites, Jordan and Dew the Dew.
You never know where Josiah is going to be..but just like the rest of these guys, he is always surrounded by something great. It is always a treat when Josiah is town and we were so happy to have him along!
Greg and Trey. Love these boys. (Preciously fashionable as well)
Dustin (above right) is a Wilmy local and UNCW Alumni that is no stranger to the Wilmington Community. Dustin is all over the place with his many talents and is never far from something great. Dustin's newest mission: Vote Against. Serving as Curtis' assistant, Dustin is traveling the state working hard to spread the word about something as great as this project. And this cute couple at the top should win an award for precious. Love you Hannah and Mont.
Everything is better when Jeffery is around. Jeff Vizcaino and I have worked with the same people in theater and the Raleigh Community for years now and I'm always happily but never surprised to run into Jeff when familiar faces start showing up. Jeff is a huge part of the Vote Against Team as the Online Community Coordinator doing a plethora of awesome social media and graphic design work. Another man of many talents. Dont forget handsome Cameron in the top right!
Everyone of every shape and size showed up to support this great campaign.
Since the Vote Against shirt was the staple of today's attire, originality must come from below...see these killer Jeffrey Campbells and plum gentleman's kicks. Shoes are just a gift that keeps on giving. These lovely lady's shoes can be found at Edge of Urge...and so can Dustin's below! 

I've got a lot of hope for the state of North Carolina. Together we can Vote Against. 

Because we're obsessed. 

Fresh and Precious 

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  1. I wanted to say something because of the irony. But Chick-Fil-A actually supports anti-gay & lesbian groups which contradicts your cause.


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