Sunday, July 8, 2012

DIY: jazz up some thrifted shoes with studs

c- It's tough being into fashion when income is limited. If anything though, I am thankful for the necessary creativity being a broke college student requires. 
This is where my thrift store DIY comes into the picture.
Take these boring, rather standard shoes and first swap out the laces. BAM. Add colored laces, glitter laces, patterned laces- really any kind you want. Do it yourself. 
Next I found this really old dress and popped off all of the studs from it. Studs can be found everywhere on clothing and I'm loving it. Collars, shoes, name it- and it has probably been studded. Do it yourself. 

Whip out the handy dandy glue gun and voilĂ ! You have now taken drab to fab.  

More DIY's here...ENJOY!

And some DIY for the men.

Because we're obsessed. 

-Fresh and Precious

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