Tuesday, July 31, 2012

summer fashion trend: asian prints

m- Time to rave about Courtney!! Courtney really knows how to do it. All around. I've watched Courtney grow into this chameleon of fashion and I couldn't be more proud to work with this gal. What a gal, this one. Here are some pictures that we snagged South of Broad in Charleston, South Carolina, on one of our much loved Lori visits. 
Clothes with Asian influence will soon be all the rage, or at least should be. Since Hawiaan and tropical prints have been HUGE, we decided to take it even further past the islands and to the great islands of the Orient. Courtney and I are trying it out. This PHENOMENAL Oriental piece is full of extreme detail and color. Members of the party on this dress include the prince, his princess, and a UNICORN. This is like...hipster done right. Vintage silk teal and orange tunic? Yes please. 
Excuse the kitschy, Gilligan's Island prop; Lori and I were both thinking Gilligan this week. This shirt is glorious. Another vintage piece from Lori's collection, this shirt is so freaking cool. You cant see it, but the buttons are bronze and adorned in Japanese symbols. Asian is in!
 Thanks always, Half United for the bullet necklaces! 
This bullet is perfect for the Gilligan, military, vibe we were channeling that day. 
This was one of those moments (at three in the morning) where Courtney and I find a piece in Lori's collection that make us want to pass out. Pass out, I tell you. This KIMONO. Fact: this kimono is seven feet long. Fact: this kimono is made of silk, hand stitched, and COVERED IN A PEACOCK. A white peacock. Look at the sleeves. And the detail. I mean...Asian is in. 
Let's take it to the Orient. 

Because we're obsessed.

Fresh and Precious


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