Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The road less traveled.

m- There is something special about seeing an old friend, when reuniting is incredibly overdue. Every exciting moment from the past replays in your mind like the highlights of your favorite television show or that dramatic scene towards the end of the movie which gives your eyes second-glimpses of important flashing scenes from before. This particular moment was no exception....well, without Hollywood's flashing effects worthy of invoking seizures. 
This weekend I visited Jacob. And I couldnt be more excited about it. 
After four and a half hours of rolling hills, I finally made it to the Hokie stones of Virginia Tech. 
 Whether Jacob will admit it or not, he has a great style of his own.
Definitely influenced by his mountainous environment, Jacob dresses in subtle tones of natural colors that parallel his chill and inviting personality. Dressing to the environment is something that Courtney and I value immensely. When you travel someplace new, don't change your style,
but make it your own with respects to the place you've visited.
We see it as a challenge to better suit ourselves for the new atmosphere around us. 
This picture doesn't really do these puppies justice BUT I snagged these shorts from
  Topman in Soho last trip to New York and I really haven't taken them off since.
The print reminds me of Barcelona for some reason...
derived maybe from the beach umbrellas that lined the Mediterranean?
 It reminds me also of the Barcelona Print at American Apparel. 
On Saturday, Jacob served as my guide as we hiked an AMAZING trail through the woods to the Cascades. The woods were really a treat. So incredibly lush with life...massive with beauty. 
These pink flowers were falling from the canopy above and seemed even more frail against the hard, jagged rocks and plunging water. 
My suit may have been a little too "beach" for the mountains but it got the job done. I got this guy at H&M the week before for just 15 bucks. 
Found this American Flag watch at a Goodwill in West Virginia. Five bucks. 
One of the last times Jacob and I were together, Jacob bought this kick-ass bag in Brooklyn.
Perfect for Jacob, the dark leather and brown canvas
 compliments his natural aesthetic.

Because we're obsessed. 

Fresh and Precious 

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