Saturday, December 29, 2012

Street Style- F&P Take Columbus

So here we were...
The McGovern clan has deep roots in Central Ohio and, to nor Courtney's surprise nor mine, my first job out of college brought me to....Central, Ohio. Courtney and I tend to play on the same field. With myself deep in the President's re-election campaign in Ohio and Courtney finishing up school, neither of us were able to reunite until our President was re-elected and Courtney was prepared for exams. Once our jobs were done...we played. 
This outfit is a perfect representation of Courtney's style. Beautiful woman as a whole and bad-ass in detail. Courtney knows how to show off what her mama gave her perfectly and then throws on some ass-kicking combat boots, plaid shirt, and a pair of lethal sunglasses. That's my girl. 
Courtney found this black-velvet head wrap from American Apparel for 15 bucks. 
My American Apparel results came in the form of knit. I have been obsessed with this sweater since the first moment I laid eyes on it at the American Apparel in Short North in Columbus. Being on the campaign, one literally has no more than a few hours a week "off" and this time is usually spent on things like eating or other nonsense. This being said, I dreamt of the day after the election when I could finally have this colorful sweater on my skin. The wait was quite romantic. 
These colors just get me going. Red, blue, yellow, white, teal...alright. Perfectly vintage in influence and well worth the 78 bucks from American Apparel. 
SO fortunate that the Universe allowed Courtney and I to cross paths in Columbus, Ohio of all places. I'm learning that I can't get rid of this wife of mine. I'm staying in it for the kids. And the clothes. 

And the good times. 

Because we're obsessed. 

Fresh and Precious

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