Saturday, December 29, 2012

Holiday Favorites at Edge of Urge

c- In case you aren't aware, I'm a complete shoe whore. I just can't get enough. Edge of Urge is constantly killing it when it comes to staying ahead of the shoe game, especially when it comes to the beloved Jeffrey Campbell's.  Christmas is over but New Years Eve is creeping up incredibly fast (as always). Now it is time for me to share with you some of my favorites this holiday season available at Edge of Urge

Top left: the Jeffrey Campbell bullet pumps. Just the metal tip is all you need for the sleek sexiness this shoe has to offer. 

Top right: ombre', red, patent leather....did I just die and go to heaven? Seriously. Three of my favorite things mixed into a shoe. Well done, JC, well done. I had the honor of frolicking around in these babies at one of the Edge of Urge shoots and let me tell you--it is so FREAKIN cool how the bottom of the heel just disappears. In real life, these shoes make you look like your floating which is typically how you feel running around in litas.

Bottom Left: YOU'RE GETTING ME WITH THE TIPS, JEFFREY. These are appropriately named the "don't even pumps". This most likely has something to do with the world dominance factor these shoes scream.

Bottom Right: I am well aware we all aren't heel ladies, so check out these beautiful Zorro boots that are so versatile it's insane. Pair them with a dress, skinny jeans, a casual outfit, a night out, whatever your fancy and these are a wonderful staple boot, without lacking personality.

Slits are the sassiest way to spice up an outfit. Styled by the EOU crew, this outfit is laid back with a tshirt, a little badass with the leather/jean jacket, and slightly sexy with the red sheer ambition skirt.
The Ice Princess Mini Dress! Funny story, I was going to Edge of Urge to finally buy the McGovern dress when this beauty was on the mannequin as I walked in the door. It started screaming my name so I tried it on in one of my favorite colors to wear, wine. SOLD. Phew I'm thinking this will be my NYE dress paired with my spiked Jeffrey Campbell foxies.

The spiked shoulder detail make this everyday blazer complementary to so much
 (especially the DON'T EVEN pumps)!

Are you in love yet? Yes? No? Maybe? 
Well incase you aren't, don't let me forget to mention most of this is ON SALE! FO REALS! 

Happy Holidays!
2012 was a rather badass year, but now it is time to make 2013 an even better one.


Because we're obsessed.

Fresh and Precious 

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