Saturday, December 29, 2012

Men's Winter Fashion- Layers, textures, and prints.

m- This winter I've been playing around with color. Bold color statements are definitely worthy to showcase their own during the dull days of winter, but it certainly takes the right color combination to do so. Sometimes this is not always an easy task. What I have done this winter, is taken a few rich colors that I wouldn't normally wear, and mixed them in with warm neutrals and cold-weather textures. I came up with a winter color pallet of teal, forest green, maroon, orange, and purple which bid perfectly appropriate for the winter. 
Alright so my top half is completely thrifted. Surprise. This wonderfully kick-ass vintage leather jacket was $35 at the Bargain Box in Wilmington, NC and has been the sole influence in my quickly evolving wardrobe into the world of browns. These corduroy pants have this AWESOME European cut to them and I wear them constantly. Found these trousers at the TOPSHOP on Michigan Avenue in Chicago. Nothing better than a Topman
orange belt: $25 at American Apparel
Varied texture is my jam. Leather on chords on knit on denim...I want the lot. You cant match it up too much. No such thing. 
This hugely huge cream knit infinity scarf was only 20 bucks at an H&M in Chicago. This scarf goes well with anything and can be worn in all kinds of great ways. A definite staple in the days of winter. 
 This teal sweatshirt is certainly in his come-back days from the early 90s and I am certainly ok with it. Found him for 3 dollars at a thrift store.
One day my cousin Allen walked into the PR in this horribly dreadful button-up covered in ducks...I hated it. (Made fun of him of course) Six months later, I have one in multiple shades of purple. What a trend setter Allen. 
Winter gives us full reign to do anything with everything in the world of clothing and fashion. Throw on a color, throw on a scarf, a jacket, some boots, another jacket, a sweater and a hat! It's all about the layers folks. 

Because we're obsessed. 

Fresh and Precious 

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