Thursday, March 14, 2013

Spring Fashion Trends: Bada Bing, Spring.

I know, I KNOW.
 I took too long to release the beauties but I GUESS Ill share a bit of spring. 
m- The sun has been peeking through and I know you all have seen it. We are on the cusp of something good ladies and gentlemen, and that something good is sunshine. Spring is on it's way.
 I dont know about you, but every bit of my being, is ready to end this year's winter. I need some color in my life! Can I get an amen!? So here we have it....Cassie welcomes Wilmington, North Carolina to spring. Thank you Cassie.
 Spring Stompin in Campbells via mesh and spikes. Just saying those two words, gets my senses going. There is no denying the level of bad-ass that these two ladies embody perfectly. Black was our common denominator this go 'round in our outfits. I think black is a color staple that brings out the best in everything else. Black is right, you know?
 These girls will win. And they will look good while doing it. 
Cassie is my girl. She just gets it. Naturally stunning, intelligent, and fun, I alway enjoy this one's company. Always surround yourself with people that will help you harvest your creativity and move forward. Cassie does just that. 
Earlier this afternoon, Courtney and I hit the vintage pavement and found all kinds of great spring pieces at A Second Time Around in downtown Wilmington. The shirt that I am wearing, although you can not see too well, is a lovely mint green- obviously perfect for spring. My favorite part of this vintage 70's button-up is the sheer quality it has to it. Super fresh. I added the baby yellow vintage Lacoste cardigan, and I could just taste the spring. 
So here we were, having a good time, AND THESE TWO came along. Psh. Just when you think you're having can have more. We cranked up the heat FAST when these four united. I was having fun you guys. Whew. 

Yellows, Blues, Greens, Reds, FLOWERS. SPRING.
Isn't Courtney M. beautiful? Courtney M. is wearing a lovely canary yellow dress that is just fresh and precious with glorious lines and cutouts. We love it with the denim. Courtney M. is wearing a sheer red blouse, paired with a floral print skirt. This ensamble hinted at Lana for me and I liked it. 

Stacy so swift. Stacy's outfit was the perfect finish to the impromptu collection of the day. These black and white horizontal stripes are super trendy and should be a part of everyone's wardrobe. I loved how Stacy paired this with her watermelon detailed top and denim. Bada bing spring. 

They work it. 

Some totally cool skater boiz were gawking and drooling at the ladies and I had to fight them off. Things got physical. A day in the life. 

Ok it didnt get physical...but they did drool when I forced them to get in the picture. And the boys worked it. Do you see that? Model status boys. Look at that eagle fly. 

Mark Twain once said, "In the Spring, I have counted 136 different kinds of weather inside 24 hours." Preach it Mark. This means weather is even more so of a factor in wardrobe during the Spring months. You never know what youre going to get. Rain, Sunshine, cold, hot....come prepared. Cardigans and rain boots do wonderful things when used appropriately. 
So lets keep these daydreams of Spring close because they are so near. 
Plenty of sunshine headed my way. 

Because we're obsessed. 


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  1. I'm floored. These shots are amazing and everyone looks so perfect! The ensembles complemented each other so perfectly holy crap gahhh in love!

    MDB & CMcG forevahh!!!!


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