Saturday, March 16, 2013

Local Spotlight: The Wondershop's Wonders

I could gush. I could gush all day. 
...about this shop of wonders. 

m- The misses and I have been dealt a long distance relationship. We've been at it for eight months now, and it has done nothing for our obsessions with each other. I actually like the kid these days, interestingly enough! Anyway, our visits are sporadic but special and today was no exception. And, to no one's surprise, Courtney and I matched (unexpectedly) in leopard, denim and black. 
This kid. Today we ventured to our favorite store in town...The Wondershop
Kelsey Gibbs is genius. As simple as that. I remember when 
Kelsey first opened this shop while I was still at UNCW. I instantly fell in love.
 There are so many wonderful talents that Kelsey executes effortlessly and it is always a treat to soak in the creative gifts she shares through her passion for fashion. 

                         The Wondershop is precisely just that. A time capsule of past decade's bests.
 Today I scored this floral tie (which would have fit perfectly in our Bada Bing Spring collection) 
                                                  and this awesomely red, vintage cardigan.               
                                 I have a collection of these simple beauties from the past. 
                  The prime time period for these particular cardigans allowed room for unique colors
                                                                      that I cant get enough of. 

Kelsey Gibbs is good. She knows what to do, when to do it, and who to surround herself with. The Wondershop is certainly lucky to have such a perfect team. Clearly, this lady above is no exception. Tasha and I have such a fun Wilmington fashion friendship. Everytime we see eachother we are always dressing up for something exciting. I am such an admirer of Tasha's style.
Appropriately quirky and fashion forward. 
Really fantastic stuff. 
Kelsey picked out THE perfect dress for Courtney when we last stopped by. It's phenom let me tell you. This 80's velvet dress could not be a better fit on the lady. The SLEEVES are so cool and the mesh detail on the chest is supa flattering. I cant wait to see Courtney style this one...
And if The Wondershop team couldn't be more perfect...Jordan Brackett works here too. Can you say cherry on top? I am envious of Jordan's unique style. I feel like I sometimes get lost in how I want to portray myself in my dress but Jordan knows exactly what works for him. His fashion has evolved immensely over the past couple of years and I am such an admirer. 
Come check out this store of wonders. I promise you wont be disappointed  There is so much talent bursting from the vintage seams of this time capsule. Did I mention that this wonder trio are AMAZING people as well as amazing fashionistas? It matters. 
Come wonder. Each piece is unique....just like you. 

Thank you Kelsey Gibbs for such a gift to Wilmington. 

You've raised the bar and I cant wait to see what's next. 

Now, time for a beer. 

Because we're obsessed. 


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