Thursday, March 14, 2013

Studs, Velvet, Sequins, Gaga, and the Pres.

c- Michael and I always have a blast when we get to travel and explore different cities together. I was lucky enough to accompany him to Barack Obama's Presidential Inauguration, as well as the Staff Ball in Washington DC a couple of weeks ago.
 Craziness ensued. 
The morning was cold. Beyond cold. But this wasnt going to stop almost 800,000 people to see such a monumental American event. To be honest... we arrived sort of late that morning, not anticipating such long lines to get in the gates. People were in every crevice of the city.Somehow we managed to swing our way in to the right section of the crowd. The crowd was so full of energy that everyone was excited and anxious to get as close as possible. At some point during the ceremony, a barricade got moved and Michael, Leslie, and myself were slyly able to creep our way to the front of the massive sea of people... right when Queen BEYONCE took the stage to lip sync The National Anthem! Incredible!
Our peacoats were the way to do it in this frigid weather. Of course Michael and I have to stray from the normal black city jackets. Michael got his from American Apparel. Ours were camel and a nice royal blue. We wrapped in the red, white, and blue with our warm winter accessories! We were set. 
After such a MOMENT in history, and a day to remember, it was time to get ready for the Staff Ball.
It was beyond exciting.
All of the staff's hard work had payed off....and they were ready to celebrate.As we got dressed for the big event, rumors of Lady Gaga had us all ready to burst with excitement. So, in honor of Queen Gaga, we jammed to our favorite Gaga songs as we slipped into our outfits and made our way to the convention center.
Here you have it, folks! Ready for the ball, Cinderella.  I am wearing a gold sequin cocktail dress I found at Adore Boutique in Raleigh..the shoulder pads on this thing made me feel oh so 80's glam. Michael decided to keep it classic for the First Family with the tuxedo and spiked shoes. 
Leslie looked GOREGOUS in her gown for the ball. Leslie is our little latin beauty that worked on the campaign in North Carolina.This gown is classically flattering and perfect on Leslie.We had so much fun playing dress up and we were so lucky to have this lovely lady by our side this week!
Michael found these awesome studded shoes from Steve Madden and 
this black velvet bow-tie from Aldo.
Drinking and tapas were had with the lovely Millie and we were off to the ball. 
We arrived at the perfect timing, checked our coats, and made our way inside this incredibly large room just full of beautiful people.
A few drinks in, anticipation building, The Obama's and Bidens took the stage for their thank you speeches. It was such a special moment to be in this room with all of these people...and the President. 

But then it was time for the entertainment. President Obama mentioned had a special guest here to celebrate with us, and directed attention to the other stage. On the stage we were right in front of...holy. shit.
Michael and I both have seen her live before, but there was something about this intimate setting, with unbelievable closeness, that truly made a magical impact. She was humble and amazing (per usual). Lady Gaga thanked us and then proceeded to serenade our souls with her acoustic piano version of
 "Born This Way." 

At this point I am experiencing sensory overload. It feels like I could die happy at this moment. But wait, it gets better. Freakin' Tony Bennett joins Gaga for a live performance of one of my favorite songs the duo performs-The Lady is a Tramp
Check out this video if you haven't seen these two's magical chemistry.
After her final song "You and I," we had already surpassed cloud nine. The rest of the night was spent with unbelievable people and a fun time.

"I used to walk down the street like I was a star...I want people to walk around delusional about how great they can be-and then to fight so hard for it every day that the lie becomes the truth."
We were stars that night. At least Lady Gaga made us feel that way. 

Because we're obsessed. 


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