Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Back to the Futuristic Fashion: Wisdom from another planet.

This beautiful and strange creature just came down from his time machine from a planet certainly far away. His mission was simple: to take over the people of this "Planet Earth."

Now, this talented specimen was just that. Full of talent, knowledge, wit, and style, this visitor had every skill possible to take the minds of "mankind." And he was about to do it. His hands were armored in sculptures of beauty, each full of secret powers....ready for battle.
His home...this foreign planet, light years away, was also home to masterminds of forward thinking. But brute and anger were natural to their inhabitants. 
They always win, after all. 
This must be the best way to conquer "Planet Earth"
 So, used his talents, he did. 

So used his talents, he did. Armed and ready for any encounter. 
With a swift movement the mastermind was in front of his first rendezvous- a great tower in the sky.
The deepest wounds are closest to the heart. It was time to inflict the first blow. 
All of a sudden something happened. As soon as it felt right, something felt terribly wrong. With a split second of change of heart, color instantly filled the trees, the clouds, and the sky.
Blinded by the beauty of the far away color, 
our visitor almost missed the message that appeared before him. 
Maybe the sword he brought was not the best way to win the minds of mankind.
So he thought....
and he thought. 
How could he be so blinded so quickly?
 The lens he had on was all wrong- but he knew all along! For he learned these lessons light-years ago. With all of the years gone by, and great mountains of adventure, he had somehow forgotten.
 But how easy to remember?
Then "The Enlightened One" appeared...
to enlighten, we're sure. 
He must have heard something. 
Quite quickly, we find that this beautiful creature was sent to the "Planet Earth" for a reason.
 To teach us new lessons and to remind others of the things we all know but have also forgot.
To take over this Planet Earth, its much better to blind them with color
than come in deep from the heart. 
And he does it all in a bolo tie.  How fortunate we are to have him, this beautiful creature of style. 
"It is better to conquer yourself, than to win a thousand battles." -Buddha

Because we're obsessed. 

Fresh and Precious 


  1. What a wonderful set of photos!!! I want to be that stylish when I'm older, hehe!!! Keep up the wonderful job! ~Natalia

  2. Fabulous pictures of a rare and beautiful person! Thank you for sharing these! i loved the story as well.

  3. This is photographic journalism at its finest.


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