Thursday, April 11, 2013

Fashion on the Rise- Vision on the Runway

This is Jenny Logan. She's a designer.  

m-Alright I know that I always say that I am so fortunate for doing this or fortunate for doing that, but like...I mean it? This time I was so FORTUNATE to spend an afternoon helping Jenny present her vision to the world. The world, via NC State's School of Design. I was thrilled to photograph the excitement within our little group of Jenny's muses. Such talent, this one. This week was NC State's fashion week and wonderful new talent hit the runway. Tonight was the AATS Fashion Expose and this is how it went...
It all started with a fresh coat of paint. 
Billie is a model. All four feet of her. But don't let this short body fool you....she gives face for days. I was really feeling Billie's hair this go-round.  
After hair and makeup, the ladies ventured to the back hall for some last-minute runway practice. These girls knew how to do their thing but a little refresh to loosen up nerves, was exactly what was needed. This is Megan. All I saw was Covergirl. Easy...breezy...BEAUTIFUL. You know?
Tessa is a wonderful little fashion guru that specializes in styling beautiful women and making them model-ready. Fitfully perfect, Tessa works at Revolver in downtown Raleigh. Revolver is a kick ass up-scale consignment boutique that houses some really awesome gems. Definitely worth a visit. 
These ladies on the left were giving me some street style that I gladly accepted. I have always been envious of the work that goes on within the College of Textiles and Design at NC State. There is always wonderful product and ideas pumping out of this in-town fashion factory. Im glad we have somewhere close where young creativity can harvest and produce some great things. 
We need more of this in the South. 
Since tonight had a little bit of flavor and taste, I went big and rocked some KILLER vintage, plaid overalls from Lucky Strike Vintage in downtown Raleigh. These puppies were to die for...and comfortable. Overalls might be my new thing? With some Doc Martens of course. 

Alright back to the show. Shaquita and Billie took it there. All it took were these bomb-ass clothes from Jenny's mind. Jenny constructed this beautiful pallet of Middle-Eastern flavor in beautiful separates. Billie wore this stunning black gown and Shaquita rocked these separates gallantly. I LOVE the athletic/boxer feel to the silk shorts. Once you see the other looks, you'll get whats going on here.
 An Arabian night, in my book.
See what I'm saying? Such a mature color pallet. Stars embedded in a red midnight sky. Masculine and feminine shapes with a Moroccan feel. I can dig.  
This beautiful designer (right) had a seamless collection, playing homage to some wives of Stepford. I adored this collection. Does this not look like a mix between Julie Andrews in the field and the Von Trapp Children's curtains? The hills are alive with this SKIRT. 
Then they were ready for showtime. Love this collection, Jenny. OH, I almost forgot to mention that Jenny just whipped up this black gauze shirt she is wearing for her show. Just whipped it up. 
Oh to have that talent...
Time to head to the runway. Showtime. 
There is no feeling like being backstage. A mix of anticipation, excitement, and absolute terror. It is a rare, but exhilarating feeling. Addicting...and ridiculously rewarding as the tide subsides. 

Funny how quickly the tides subside. After a successful trip down the runway, our crew headed back to the changing room. As we returned, we got one last glipse of some STUNNING work by this beautiful woman named Joelle

THIS. This collection was truly unreal. The colors, the wear-ability. the hand-beaded detail. The patterns. The pieces. I really could go on for days. THE MODELS. I mean holy crap. Joelle kept testing my heart as she repeatedly astounded me with another beautiful model after the next.
 Do you SEE this melting pot of perfection?
Melting pot of perfection. And glorious artistry. You are going somewhere Joelle. Of this, I am sure. 
Check out her fantastic blog for more genius here. 

Again, so so fortunate to share this evening with the wonderfully talented Jenny Logan. There is something especially inspiring about a new artist...their passion just seeps into your thoughts as a reminder to keep doing what you love. Thanks again Jenny. Keep it coming. 

Because we're obsessed.

Fresh and Precious

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