Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Black and White Spring Edition: Twins Take Two

Wowza these twins are hawt. I had such a blast shooting with them. I still can't get over how incredibly different they are. Enjoy :)

Julia (the red head) is sporting a blazer from PacSun with amazing lace detail. It paired flawlessly with her necklace from the local chic boutique nestled on Wrightsville Beach. Also known as Hallelu. They are so on-trend with amazing prices- definitely worth checking out! 

Becca (the blondie) is reiterating how HAWT triangles are this season. This amazing necklace is from Edge of Urge and draws the eye right on down to the rest of the outfit. Her jacket and shirt are from Forever 21 and Julia found these awesome beetlejuice-inspired leggings off eBay! 
The black wedges were thrifted- reminding us of the epic things you can find with just a little digging involved.
Graphic tees are a perfect way to compliment a black and white outfit, and this one from Forever 21 does just that. Tucked slightly into her black studded skirt from express, this creates a funky, casual look. topped of with Doc Martin look-alikes from Forever 21.
(perfect for us college students not ready to drop over $100 on the fabulous Docs)

Because we're obsessed.

Fresh and Precious. 

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