Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Kim Takes the Port

m- FINALLY I have access to a computer. Computer-less blogging has been pretty impossible lately but this only means there are many pictures to showcase in the next couple of weeks. Today I give you Kim. Stunningly perfect in every way, Kim is an awesomely natural model that I can't wait to work with a lot in the near future. Kim has a FANTASTIC sense of style and her edgy, almost rock&roll style is a great compliment to her light, Free People-esque wardrobe. After getting in a little trouble for taking pictures at the port, we managed to get some fun industrial pictures this afternoon!

Like I said, Kim knows how to dress. Her petite frame is showcased perfectly with this whimsical Free People Dress. The movement of this dress is out of this world-always giving us a new shape with each passing gust. 
Jeffery Campbells. Our not-so-new obsession. These shoes are literally out of this world and each and every pair is cooler than the next one. These are the shoes that EVERYONE needs to invest in because one can rule the world in these puppies. Go get some. People will respect you more (really). A great collection of Campbells can be found at Edge of Urge!
Unedited beauty. 

 You can't leave without saying goodbye to the Campbells!
The second half of Kim's pictures will be up tomorrow so stay tuned for sure. 

Because we're obsessed. 

Fresh and Precious  

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