Monday, December 19, 2011

Street Style: Procrastination

c- Sometimes it's hard to truly appreciate the value of time until you are running short of it.  Exam week was tough for Michael and I, and therefore the blogging was lacking.  
But we're back! We're back! Oh yeah.
This particular shoot actually happened when my Communication Studies group was together studying for our final exam, when attention spans failed as the beautiful day slipped slowly away thanks to the sunshine's winter hours. We quickly split up to grab outfits and reconvened with just enough time to break out the camera and have some fun.  
I am wearing one of my most treasured pieces from London, my cape! I love love loveeee this thing. Not only is in incredibly comfortable, but it pairs perfectly with tall boots and colored leggings. It also carries the sentimental value because I wore it when Michael and I went to Stonehendge.  Jordan is wearing pants from Pac Sun, shoes from Zurrick, and the patterned shirt is from our local Bargain Box.
We decided to spice it up and ask just this passer-by to join some photos, luckily she was interested! She is wearing a killer Michael Kors leather jacket!!!

That's a wrap, folks.

Because we're obsessed. 

Fresh and Precious 

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