Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Vintage 70's Glam

m- I had the most amazing opportunity to get a sneak peek at my grandmother's closet while I was in town for Christmas. My grandmother (Boobah for those keeping tabs at home), was, and still is, a fashion icon of her time. To our favor, she has archived many of her pieces from the past.
Naturally, we kept it in the family and Boobah graced my cousin and sister with some of these unique vintage pieces to re-live some of the best decades fashion has had to offer. 
My Boobah was Glam. 
The detail on this first dress of Boobah's is out of this world. This piece is 1970's vintage Oscar de la Renta. Gold and orange detail make this beautiful gown even more elegant. I love the 70's boho shape in the draping of the sleeves and waist.
 Payton's fiery hair completes the look. 
Boobah's powder room was the perfect place to shoot these two diva gowns. 
Vintage earrings always seem to have a unique shape, different from earrings today. I love the square. And the glitzy gold. Always love the gold. 
Boobah's Florence + the Machine dress. Completely obsessed with this. The detail.
The lace is so elegant and the little neck is EVERYTHING.
Again, the 70's draping and wide sleeves are giving me life.
I can't even...
Gold accessories can be draped, dipped, layered, and paired. I'm an advocate of covering yourself in gold. As long as the color of the gold all goes together...go for the gold. It's elegant and hip. 
Accessory of the day: Gold Monocle 
Thank you Boobah for beautiful clothes and beautiful genes. We'll take it!
We really couldn't pass up an old tub with legs...naturally, we jumped right in. 
I want to go out in this gown...

It is really hard to capture all of the elements of this dress, especially the significant weight of the garment, but this shot showcases some of the absolutely phenomenal details of the beading.

This is truly an amazing gown.

A lady can't leave the house in the winter in  beautiful gown without a beautiful fur. Fur is everything. There is nothing like fur. I could go on and on about fur but for now, invest yourself in fur. 
Mrs. Mary Rose did. 

Had to.

Because we're obsessed.

Fresh and Precious 

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  1. Wow, so incredibly jealous of those dresses - how beautiful are they! Super glamorous and decadent.


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