Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Year in Fashion: auld lang syne

m- Should auld acquaintance be forgot! Out with the old and in with the new. 
New colors, new looks, new styles- all for a new year. Bailey and I brought in the last day of 2011 in celebration. Raleigh, once again, didn't let us down in the weather department and truly blessed us with a phenomenal afternoon. Stopping by the Player's Retreat, the oldest bar in Raleigh, and one of Raleigh's best local spots, Bailey and I grabbed a pint then hit it to a park to enjoy some winter rays. 2012 we are ready for you. 
We got stopped by a passing train...HELLO photo shoot. 
Fun shoes! My boots (above) were an after-Christmas deal found at Urban Outfitters. Originally priced at $88, I got these puppies for $20! Bailey found these kicks at Encore! for just $18!
The tall, rolling hills of the park served as an awesome chill spot, with a great view of the city. Not many places can you sit outside in temperatures of high 60s just days before Christmas....but in Raleigh-you can. Bailey and I had a great view of the city from up here. 
This old house was sufficiently creepy in my book. Who knows what kinds of people have been in an out of this place. A two hundred year old cottage on the grounds of an old insane asylum, I'm sure this place has seen it's share of crazy. Nonetheless, it was a cool backdrop for pictures. 

This outfit was a risk taker for me for some reason. It took a little convincing for me to walk out the door in this. Not that it is particularly special, it just isn't something that I would normally put together. That being said, Im all for trying something new. These mustard chinos are found in our first f&p shoot a couple of months ago but I especially love them with this knit cardi from Urban Outfitters. 

This vintage bomber jacket is super cool for a couple of reasons. First, it was only seven dollars at Goodwill. Second it's vintage. THIRD, it is lined with maps.
(Which I forgot to take a picture of...but take my word for it)
We love Bailey's purple pants. Purple chords to be exact.
And her mesh sweater from Gap is cozy but allows breathing room for mild days like this!

For auld lang syne!

Because we're obsessed.

Fresh and Precious 

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