Friday, January 13, 2012

Simply Gorgeous.

c- Simply gorgeous. That's a good word to describe my sister Lindsay, and my friend who visited from California, Amy.  Michael has moved into a quaint home nestled in downtown Wilmington that was built in the 1800's. The area has so much character and after visiting Michaels new house we ventured off on a little walk to explore. I am wearing a leopard scarf that has armholes which allows me to wear it as a wrap! I just got this for FIVE bucks...I'm rather stoked about it.  I have it paired with a casual little black dress and accented with a skinny belt (below).
Lindsay and I found these shoes at a Goodwill in Raleigh. We were driving by and decided to stop in and immediately found these spiffy kicks. They came without shoelaces so Linds and I picked some up at our next stop which so happened to be Target! 
Fur! I am in love with this vest. Faux fur to be the animals! Lindsay is sporting her new fur vest (from Encore! Consignment Boutique) with a classic black top and black skinny jeans.  A statement piece such as this vest are new territories for Lindsay, so the classic black is a great way to make sure she steps out of her comfort zone while remaining true to herself.
Gah I love this picture of Amy! She is such a natural beauty, but she let me play dress up with her for the pictures! I brought out the brown in her eyes with a brown smokey eye giving it a slight cat eye effect.  Her lips add a pop of color and are a mix of orange and red lipstick. 
So we were taking pictures on the side of this building and then once we walked around the corner we noticed it was a workshop! Some sort of magical workshop. The man inside the door was working on a car, listening to music, and happened to be surrounded by a huge and eclectic array of the most interesting and random 'things'...I want to be his friend and explore. We need pictures from the inside.

Because we LOVE IT AND YOU!!!

...and fashion.

Fresh and Precious

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