Monday, September 3, 2012

Princesses of Fashion- Spring Dresses & Spring Colors

m- OK SO. I am hundreds of miles away in rural Ohio right now, saving the world and all that jazz...BUT I cant stop thinking about fashion. I have been thoroughly surprised at the dress in my new mid-west home. ANYWAY with the 14 hour campaign days, courtesy of Barack, it's not surprising that blogging has taken the second seat, after getting our President re-elected...but there is always time for what I love to do. This alllllll being said, Dina and Alexa have been SCREAMING at me via my hard-drive and their beautiful pictures obviously have to go public. Alexa and Dina are my Persian Princesses that I love more than anything. TRULY a complete duo full of talent, drive, and intelligence that outshines their beauty (which is hard to do, as you can see). 
Alexa is soon leaving us for grad school in London and Dina and I are not dealing with this departure well. I had to get some pictures of these two before they took over the world. I beautiful right? These two are a perfect mix of ethnicities. They are doing Iranians, Venezuelans, and Lebanese justice...SO BEAUTIFUL. Whew. 
 Boots are coming at you quick as fall gets closer and closer. Courtney and I wear boots all year but their prime season is creeping fast! I love how Dina and Alexa added some boots to these colorful dresses. 
 Rain did not stop us from galavanting in the wet fields. 
I LOVE these dresses on Dina and Alexa. Alexa's periwinkle is precious and Dina's turquoise is Spanish in influence and a perfect compliment to Dina's Venezuelan background. 
I'm so lucky to have these women in my life. They are always such a breath of fresh air and I cant wait for many more years of great friendship. More pictures coming your way soon!

Because we're obsessed. 

Fresh and Precious

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